D. Gray-Man – 30

Allen and Lenalee investigate further into what is happening at the hospital and why there are so many Akuma.


This episode was okay, but really lately the episodes seem to be rather boring and bland, and hell even for this episode which was the second part of two episodes actually identified as Part 1 and 2 was relatively uninteresting. It was obvious that the guy was a broker from the beginning, and I think they probably could have just as easily ended this in one episode. I really was hoping for them to start getting into much more serious and darker stuff now that the Earl’s “new plan” is revealed. Hell, the whole bit with Yeager was great and they actually made him pretty much done for as far as fighting goes so his fate was rather gruesome, yet even so there hasn’t been much more beyond that and given the information that they won’t find Cross for a while, I can see plenty of rather boring episodes until the final exciting ones, I was just hoping for those exciting ones a bit sooner. The only redeeming part about this episode is that it was interesting to see how normal people worked for the Earl that way. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as interesting if it was just some Akuma that was giving information, the fact that it was a normal human makes the focus on greed and corruption in normal people more prominent, which is much more interesting.

Next episode seems to finally be a Miranda episode. I’ve been saying almost every last couple episodes how they need to explain what the hell happened to her. Her and Crowley are the two exorcists that they have discovered during the series and Miranda’s arc was much more exciting and important then Crowley, because it introduced Noah’s family, yet after her arc we haven’t seen or eve hardly heard mention of her, yet Crowley gets his own couple of episodes about his first day in the Order and then his first mission. It’s a bit strange because it seems like Crowly was just taken directly to become an exorcist, yet they just Miranda go even though it seemed pretty obvious that we was interested in using her power. Now, I understand a bit that her power may be harder to use in an everyday fight. Carrying around a gigantic clock and freezing and rewinding time isn’t exactly an offensive maneuver, but combined with anyone she can make them extremely deadly. I just hope they give her a good episode and actually keep her the show afterwards, because she is a pretty interesting character given all she’s been though and the ways he was thrown into her powers.

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