Lucky Star – 03

The girls talk about more random stuff such as why Kagami and Tsukasa act differently when they are twins and question whether Miyuki gets any confessions because of how nice and pretty she is.


I still think this show is continuing to be great, and those that don’t I think are just missing the point of the show really. It’s kind of hard to explain exactly, and I can tell the show is getting to the point where I’ll be hard to do general impressions and theories on the way the show is going, because really this show so far has been consistent and I can only see it staying the same way. I can’t really say stuff about plot or new character advancement because not only does this show just not have that kind of stuff, it really doesn’t need it and I think that if they started to focus on anything serious at all in this show, it would dramatically hurt it. So I just hope this show stays the way it is, because I love it. It’s very funny throughout and the characters, mainly Konota are amazing. Really, without Konota I don’t think the show would be anywhere near as interesting. Putting aside any Konota fanboyism I really do think that not only is she a great and funny character, the shows real value almost comes from her because its thing she says about others or the way she lives her life and talks about it openingly like its no big deal is what’s really funny. The show wouldn’t be as interesting without one of the other characters either, but I think that they could be replaced a lot more then Konota could. She and then Kagami would be the top two, Miyuki being last just because she isn’t in it as much so far.

Other then what I normally break an episode down into I guess I’ll just point out my favorite parts more for this show and then occasionally do my bigger picture posts. I loved when Konota asked what the two sisters’ favorite colors were, Tsukasa saying white and Kagami black and then Konota just quickly said the same color as your souls. It was hilarious and I think the comedy is even better when it’s just quickly and casually slipped in there like that. I thought Tsukasa was amazingly cute in her ponytail. The other two were ok, not too much difference but Tsukasa looked so much better and very very cute.

I liked Lucky Channel this episode as well. It was interesting that they kind of did something different. Although they’ve only bee on two other previous episodes so it’s not like they are changing that dramatically. The whole individual character profile they did was interesting, as it makes me wonder if they are just going to continue to do that for the rest of the series, focusing on a different character and then eventually do some random people in the class. I still think Akira is the best part, I’d love to see her in the actual show but also kind of not because she may change things too much. As long as she keeps up her personality and everything in Lucky channel I think it would be fine, as she’s probably my second favorite character on the show.

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  1. lol, its ok. There aren’t that many different events between episodes so it can be hard to distinguish. Hey, at least someone is reading :D

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