sola – 03

Yorito continues to try and hide Matsuri’s presence in his house, when he runs into a problem when Mana comes over to make him dinner.


I don’t know why some people hate this show so much, I absolutely love it and this episode didn’t really downgrade it for me or anything. I thought it was excellent, making the relationship between Mana, Yorito, and Matsuri more out in the open which gives the possibility for a lot more character development, plus the start of the love triangle which is sure to appear if it can’t be said it has already. Honestly I’m not sure who I would root for. Mana and Matsuri are both obviously possibilities, and although I previous disliked Mana, I thought her character came across rather bitchy and uninteresting, this episode really redeemed her character and I liked her a lot more in this. Plus she was really cute and hot in that maid uniform when she was working at the diner or whatever, that’s always important. Right now I don’t care who gets picked, I’m sure I’ll lean one way a bit later but I can see it happening three ways, one for each girl and then the dreaded nothings resolved ending. Either Matsuri stays and doesn’t disappear for any reason and Yorito just goes on without feelings being confessed for either one and we see them go off into a fun and happy life without any closure. That’s one ending that I really hope won’t happen. The other two would be that Matsuri disappears for some reason because of what she is and Yorito realizes his feelings for Manna and whatnot after all they’ve been though. Or, Matsuri stays and Yorito goes with her. I suppose Matsuri could stay and have Yorito pick Mana, but I don’t see that as a good or very probably ending. Like I said, I don’t care which as long as it’s not the first one, where he picks no one.

I think the relationship between Yorito and his sister is getting more interesting. Not that it’s developing in a romantic way or anything. I don’t see it going that way at all, and I hope it doesn’t because I don’t really see that kind of development helping anything. Not that I don’t doubt that was a possibility in the game or something. Even from a non romantic standpoint, I think their relationship is interesting because so far, it’s pretty odd. I can’t tell exactly what the feelings for each other are, if Aono hates Yorito or is just rather apathetic to everything. Regardless of what it is now, I think the way they’ve been focusing on her quite a bit throughout all of the episodes up to know suggest that she will pa a very big part later on. She’s not even the focus of the episodes, as that has still been on Matsuri, but she’s still in each episode and there is always something happening with her. I just hope they develop her because she has the potential to be interesting in the development of the show in general.

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