Nagasarete Airantou – 03

Ikuto tries to find a way to be helpful to everyone on the island and not be such a freeloader.


This episode was great. I’m really very impressed with this show. I know I’ve said it before, but I wasn’t expecting much from this show at all. It made it so obvious that it was a harem and that it would be along the lines of outrageous and silly stuff for its humor, and I thought it may be interesting but nothing of real quality. I really think this is far better then what I or some others expected it to be. Its still along the same lines as it was previously thought to be and all, its not like it’s not really a harem, and they still use some outrageous stuff and silly giant plants and exaggerated expressions, but they just do it in a way that’s great. Its still no blockbuster of an epic of an anime or anything, nor will it have a cult following like Haruhi, but I think that it is amazing enjoyable by itself and should just be judged by how funny it is, because it really is just fun and funny to watch.

It looks like it’ll be a while before we see any jealousy from Suzu which is a bit expected just because she didn’t quite grasp what a relationship between a guy and a girl would be, unlike the others. It’s not even that she just doesn’t understand sexual tension or anything like that, it seems like she doesn’t even have any romantic feelings for him, as she showed not even a hint of feeling uneasy about Ikuto and the strong girl’s moment. Which, all in all does make things have less of a chance for any real romance anywhere in the show. I suppose alter on we may see something but so far, the way things have been going, It looks like it wont try and focus on that. Which is fine, because as I said above the show is pretty good and at least fun to watch the way it is. They’ve done a great job so far on the characters, so even if they don’t have an actual romantic relationship, which if they do I can only see Suzu as being the girl. The rest of the stuff seems harmless and that it won’t amount to anything. Even without the romantic story the characters have proved to be interesting enough without that factored in there, and I think that the show, whatever direction it goes will be fine so long as they keep things up. The way they’ve been going with the pace of character development has been fantastic, and one of the things I’m most surprised and pleased about. I’ve complained a little bit on some other shows this far along that they haven’t developed all of the characters much, and even though we haven’t seen a huge involvement form a couple girls, they still have given a pretty good showing of what each girl is like, and I can only wait until they are all more properly introduced.

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