Nanoha StrikerS – 03

Nanoha takes the four newcomers out on a training mission, after the creation of Hayate’s new division has been completed.


I really like the way they’ve begun to focus on the Lost Logia. It’s cool that they have some kind of connection to the previous series, but in a different way. If they had done something where they have to go collect them again, and tried to do some kind of first season thing with everyone grown up. I don’t think it would be interesting to watch at all, but it’s neat that they are taking something from the previous series and dealing with it in a new way, trying to figure out what exactly they are and investigating more of the things behind them then just trying to collect them. It was always a mystery that they never completely talked about or solved or anything in the previous series as to what the hell was the deal with them; they just basically said they were artifacts and such form another planet. I think the plot could easily go in many ways, but all of them will be interesting if they deal with the past and mystery behind the Lost Logia, as well as the show just having some bonuses for showing old character as well as new ones.

I’m not too sure about some of the new characters, this episode as a good introduction but it seems like there is still a lot missing from knowing much about the characters. Too much fighting and not enough introduction it not their personalities first I think. The “short one” just seems to be a Hayate rip off, just using pure magic, the dragon doesn’t seem to do much as her abilities are basically what Hayate does. Subaru and Tea are ok in terms of fighting styles, and I’m not too sure about the boy. I just hope they will introduce the characters more, not just their fighting styles. Even though generally I want a show to have more action, in this one, at least at first, I think it’d be best if they showed more of the human side to them.

So far I really like Rein; she’s one of my favorite characters. Although in a bit different way then some others would be. Not because her looks or how cool of fighting she does, she’s just a fun character. I like that they have a rather silly character and really cute one at that in the show, as not just for the fact that it does make things more fun to watch, but it takes care of that role in a show without taking away from anything else. Rein is able to be funny and cute and just make you smile without necessarily putting too much of a damper on everything else that’s going on. I like that they have someone that can fill that role like that, but mostly I just think she is incredibly cute and awesome character. Doesn’t matter that she fills that role as much as she’s a good character by herself, and I think she is. I want to have a little Rein like that to keep around for myself :D

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  1. I possible think that the new characters will reveal their true purpose and it somehow they will fight their own teacher.

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