Hayate no Gotoku – 03

Hayate is tested by the head butler to see if he will be kept around so he is pitied again a giant tiger and then a “nursing” robot to test his skills.


This episode was great; it really keeps the feel of the show just fresh and fun to watch, while think one of the continually funny things about this series is how they bleep stuff out. I don’t know if they actually have to do that for copyright issues or what, but for whatever reason I find them hilarious. I loved the Frieza one where Nagi was talking like Hayate could actually transform, and was pretty much saying what they did in DBZ about Frieza and transforming, then Hayate even saying he’s not Frieza. It really does seem like this show excels in adding some humor in ways that other shows wouldn’t have, such as the mention of a particular brand or name from something else, and in all the cases where it breaks the fourth wall. Now, it didn’t really do that so much in this episode, but it has in the past and it really is rather unique of this sow to do that, which not only adds to the show just feeling fresh, it is a very great method for making things more entertaining.

I’m not a huge fan of Tama really. He wasn’t too bad in this episode or anything, but it almost feels like he makes the show too silly and weird to get its comedy. One of the great things about the show thus far was that the comedy was really interesting and well thought out, not resorting to completely off the wall stuff like some other shows. Tama kind of pushes it that way, especially with him talking and having an attitude. It would have been better if they toned him down a bit. I really can’t say anything about his part in the series to come, but hopefully he’s toned down a bit to come otherwise it turns this show into something that it doesn’t need to be.

This is about as far as I’ve read in the manga from what I can tell. I may have read one or two more chapters but for the most part, things after this episode will be new to me so I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series not just because the show itself is great, but it will end up being something new to me. The best guess I have for things to come is there has to be some inclusion of that girl from Hate’s school. They keep showing her a little bit in each episode which makes me think she’ll end up being fairly important. That when she shows up Nagi will get very jealous, because its always funny to see someone with the kind of personality and tendency to blow up and freak out to be jealous. In the long run though, I really do hope for some more romance type happenings between Hayate and Nagi. For the most part I’m sure it will be really calm and almost non existent, but I think it will make things a bit more interesting. After all, Nagi does seem to like Hayate even if it did start because of a misunderstanding, that part is pretty obvious from when she gets embarrassed and shy when she thought Hayate was talking about her when he was talking about Maria in this episode.

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