D. Gray-Man – 28

Crowley goes on his first mission with Lavi and Bookman, investigating the sudden disappearance of the villagers in several surrounding villages.


I liked this episode a lot more then I thought I would. I expected it to just be a rather fluff episode, since it did deal with Kuro and Lavi doing something that seemed pretty sure to e non “main plot” related. Hell, the whole frog Akuma thing looked pretty ridiculous, so I wasn’t expecting much. However, this episode turned out a lot better then I had thought. I gave it a bit of credit form the start, like I said its good that they are taking some time to include Kuro in things, since he is the newest character and all, although now I wouldn’t really call him the most undeveloped. They still have done shit with Kanda. Anyways, its good they included him because he is new, but I loved that the focus of this episode was on something a bit more deeper then Crowley getting some experience and them just going after a particular Akuma or innocence piece. I liked how they continued to stress the focus, like they have a bit in past episodes, that being an exorcist was a thankless job. I was a like bit sad to see how they all yelled at Crowley to get out after he had earlier been so optimistic and dreaming about being a hero to them, but with that made a great point I the story.

I wish they’d hurry up a little bit and find cross already. Next episode seems to be back with Allen and Lenalee, but from the looks of it they won’t come across him yet and will deal with some “Mother” and random Akuma. Then we’ll probably see another side story, or two before Cross. I don’t really see Cross as a final point in the story but when they drag out meeting him it makes me wonder if he’s a bit more important then I thought. Not so much with dealing with Allen’s past, but just his powers or information on some stuff. I suppose if they don’t’ get to cross right away I wouldn’t mind if instead they dealt with the other Generals as well. There are two more besides Cross still left and they said they sent exorcists to each one to protect them; perhaps Kanda went to one of them. That would be a good episode; because it would give Kanda some needed development was well as give some information on the others, from which we practically have nothing.

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  1. ._. dont expect them to find cross anytime soon, even in the manga cross is nowhere to be found…although they have some substantial leads..there are just loads of things more important then finding him right away

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