Nagasarete Airantou – 02

The island holds a hide and seek game to determine who will get to have Ikuto as their husband, causing Ikuto to flee for his life form the swarm of girls after him.


This episode was, again, surprisingly good. I have to say I didn’t expect this show to be as good as it is. Even other people have been saying that it’s quite enjoyable and one of the better shows this season, which is surprising given its content and genre. Although it’s a harem, it’s doing pretty well. Probably because it doesn’t try and hide the fact that it’s a harem. I think it’s great that they can make it this interesting. So far the characters are great, the way they compete for him was funny, and this episode showed very briefly a great description of each character whether it’s a tsundere with shy on one side and evil scientist on the other, to the calm and odd nature the one shrine maiden girl had. This show isn’t going to be any great romance story of love or something like that, or even like some other harem games set in a school. Even though it’s obvious if Ikuto ends up with anyone it will be Suzu, it’s still just enjoyable to watch. This show is just about the fun of the situation Suzu is in, and I think that it will continue to just be rather interesting.

I still think it’s a bit odd that Suzu seems to be the only one unaware of the sexual tension between a guy and a girl in the situations she’s been in with him so far. Hell, she may not even know what sex is. It’s mainly odd because all of the other girls do. They seem to be after him and know why, such as Suzu’s rival keeps implying. It’s just a bit odd that Suzu is some different. I mean, they have to have her be nice and rather docile, but it doesn’t mean they can’t show her being aware of things and just shy. Oh well, I suppose it does have a purpose. After all, with her being oblivious like she is it can be a good set up to her putting the two of them in embarrassing situations on purpose, but not knowing they are embarrassing. After all, the embarrassing situations are funny.

I’m glad that they explained why there are no men on the island. It would have coni9tnued to just be strange if they didn’t explain it at all, and I’m glad that it was something relatively normal and not odd like they just all of a sudden disappeared or died. Being swept away by a tsunami is something that could have happened more normally I guess. It does raise some possibilities though, such as it did sweep them away, it could possibly come up again as a way for Ikuto to get home. I mean, it comes every 100 years but maybe it comes more frequently. They couldn’t have been there too long, not more then 30 years since the first tsunami, and probably even less considering the age of the one girl. Let’s say 30 though rounding pregnancy up a year. How would they know the tsunami only comes that often? It’s only been 30 years, so that means the next one would be in 70 years. However, how do they know its every 100 years? I suppose they could have lived on the island for hundreds of years with men, so they know by that, but still. If it does come again prematurely for some reason it could present the whole focus of going or not, and Ikuto may just choose to stay here. Kind of like in the last episode of ZnT and some other shows that have had that situation. However, that possibility isn’t for certain, just a possibility. This could only happen of for some reason the tsunami came 70 years early, but hey, it doesn’t just apply to the tsunami. Something else could appear that has the option of taking him away and he could choose to stay as well.

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