Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 02

Another Idol Master comes and saves Haruka, and when Haruka wakes up from the event she is told what an Idol is, and her part in everything.


This episode wasn’t quite as interesting or as big as I thought it would be. I mean the episode by itself and really just the whole episode wasn’t bad. The actual episode was fine; I was just thinking it would be a bit bigger or more exciting giving how they ended the last episode. The resolution of the problem in the beginning of the show wasn’t that exciting really, and from there there wasn’t really much else in the episode. Hell, they didn’t even really explain what was going on too much. Although, don’t’ get me wrong. I still love this show so far, and it’s not like this episode will turn me off of the show or even make me like the show less. It was a fine episode and so far I don’t see any reason for me to start disliking it. I had just thought that it would be a bit more exciting. The episode really seemed to serve as an explanation to Haruka as to what the hell was going on, because we had really already picked up a lot of information along the way. One thing that I am a bit concerned about is what the antagonist or problem is going to be in this show. Right now it seems to be meteors. Now that’s a relatively boring foe, and if the whole show were just about piloting these ugly mecha (yes, I don’t really like them) to break up rocks, then I think it would get too boring. Hopefully this other organization with Chihaya and the “mother’ character will prove to be interesting, that or something else because if they only go after the meteors it will be boring, and I’m sure many people will be turned off the show if they just spend the first fourth or so on it.

So far I love Haruka’s character even more. I haven’t really seen much of the other characters to judge them too much. I mean, they’ve been shown and introduced, but I don’t think they’ve really been included much to judge. However just from the bit that Haruka has been shown in, I already love her character. Her kind of actions like she did when she was at the gate to the school and peeking in, things like that I thought were just fun to watch and I’m sure it will continue to be entertaining to see her kind of character who seems like she would flip out of get scared and surprised by almost anything go though the events that piloting a mecha may entail.

I’m not sure who the animation company is for this show, nor am I really an animation company buff or anything like that. Hell, the only company I really know is KyoAni because they get so much attention. But the animation in this show reminds me so much of Mai HiME, that I would be really surprised if there wasn’t some real connection. I’m not sure exactly what it is either, there just seems to be some similarities there that I can’t get over. Not in a bad way or anything, just say that it’s hard for me to not think that.

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