Venus Versus Virus – 11

Sumire is shaken by doubts of who Yoshiki is so she goes to meet him to find out the truth about who he really is.


Wow…holy shit. That episode was just mind blowing amazing. I mean, I expected things to get intense and all in this episode, seeing as how it’s the second to last episode, but my god I couldn’t believe this. My mouth was hanging open near the end for a good amount of time after the show ended. First, I was wrong about Yoshiki and so when Lucia killed him it was a bit unexpected. I wasn’t so much shocked at the action, but all of the things that could lead up to, but more on that below. The other huge shocker is Sumire killing Nahashi. Or at least, I suspect he is dead. Hell, even if he manages to live thought hat, it’s still a pretty damn big thing. Sumire didn’t hold back at all. Just the weight of that incident at the end was pretty unexpected and very very impressive of the story. I was wondering how far or deep and dark the story would get, but it’s really turned out to be amazing and I can’t wait for the final episode. I’m glad I didn’t’ let the first couple of episodes turn me off.

The whole Yoshiki thing didn’t quite go as I had expected it too. In fact, if you read what I said in the last post, its nothing at all like what I thought would happen. However, it’s still very interesting. From what I could gather, Yoshiki was killed/possessed/taken over by Aeon because of Lucif’s desire. He knew Aeon would betray him so eh sent him to be set up for it all. Aeon did betray him because he saw Sumire’s feelings, but he wasn’t actually Yoshiki as shown by the fact he didn’t know her friends name really, and had to ask. However, Lucia not knowing that Aeon isn’t evil, and that Aeon is actually someone different then who Yoshiki used to be, kills him to “save” Sumire just like Lucif wanted because he wanted to awaken Sumire’s fragment. Yup….not at all what I thought, but it does make things a tad more interesting. I hadn’t though really of the idea of Sumire hating and trying to kill Lucia. I’m kind of worried about the relationship they have. Not romantic or yuri or anything like that, but I quite liked how things were progressing and I’m anxious to see how things differ even after the berserker mode or whatever. Hopefully Sumire will learn the truth.

One thing that I’ve been wondering about for a while, and now that things are starting to conclude, is if they are going to show the scene they first showed in the first episode, the one where both Sumire and Lucia were fighting each other. It seemed to be a little bit more then just practice. It didn’t seem to fit into the time line at all because in the first episode Sumire was much more scared and incapable of using guns then she was in that one scene. We haven’t exactly seen it yet so I’m just wondering if it will actually be in the show again. I’m not sure how it would fit in though, as in that one scene Sumire wasn’t berserk, she seemed normal but still skilled and all cool and collected. So, its not part of her rage at Yoshiki’s death or anything. It could still be that she is mad about it and that’s what spurred the fight, but it’s not the same attack that she made in this episode or anything. I’m just not sure, the scene was cool and all but it seems a bit odd to just have it and not actually take place latter on. Many shows do that kind of thing, show a tidbit of a scene and then shoot back to so and so amount of time earlier and then lead up to that, even if it’s a whole series of leading up. I just hope they include it. It could very well be since the scene was in the snow and the next episode’s title has something to do with white.

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