Hidamari Sketch – 06

It’s finally summer time and Yuno and Miya try and find something they can do to beat the summer heat.


Honestly, it’s getting hard to write about this show any more. Not that its bad or anything, on the contrary, I love this show and think its under rated and not known by as many people as it should be. However it doesn’t really have a plot or anything, and the quality is really rather constantly great throughout. It’s a bit hard to explain too, but this show is very very consistent, while at the same time not being boring. They focus on just small slice of life stuff, but they turn the smallest things into something really funny and just enjoyable to watch, such as in this episode the fan thing or the standardized test having a lot of the same letter in a row. It’s nothing big or groundbreaking, but I continue to enjoy watching it. This episode was very amusing to watch though. I thought the whole testing thing at school was pretty funny, partially because I know how it feels to take a standardized test and second guess your answers solely on the fact that there are too many of the letters in a row. Although, I didn’t quite have as many as Yuno. However despite any of that, the best part of its episode and all episodes really is Yoshinoya. My god she needs to be included more, she is one of the funniest characters I have ever seen just from not doing much at all either.

I am a bit curious as to how the whole setting of summer is going to affect the show now. Before, they always had the issue of school which they ended up deriving quite a bit of the content from. The entire episode wouldn’t be focused or set there, but a good chunk of it usually would. Either that or something at school that we didn’t see much of would have a bit impact on what they just randomly talked about. Either they will continue and say its summer or they will move on and say only one episode or none take the duration of it. Even so we are sure to see at least one more summer vacation set episode, in which case I really wonder what it’s going to have in it.

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  1. Hidamari Sketch has 1 episode in each month, with the months released in random order. It employs a cyclic, rather than linear, narrative style.

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