sola – 01

Yorito, a guy who is obsessed with the sky and taking pictures of it, meets a strange girl one night and strives to learn more about her, when she isn’t quite as normal as he would have thought.


Wow, I was not expecting this episode to be anywhere near like this. I mean, okay I guess the first half or so went as I thought it would. A nice guy introduced and then a beautiful girl he meets with a fun personality shows up and they click a bit. However, I was NOT expecting for there to be anything remotely hinting at supernatural aspects or even just something out of the ordinary. I thought the whole series would go by just like a normal romance comedy show. However I think that this weird twist of something very odd going on makes everything a hell of a lot more interesting. There is still plenty of room for all of the stuff I thought was going to be there before, with a much more refreshing feel to the story with something unique going on, or more unique then doing nothing. I’m fairly confused as to what is going on. If I had to guess or make theories now I would say that Matsuri is something non human, or she isn’t normal. It seemed like she was hurt by light almost, which I’m a bit scared is true just because if she can’t be out in daylight then it makes it had for any romance to develop. However that’s not for sure. Either way, there is obviously someone after her, seemingly trying to kill her. They know what she is and that she has a weakness to light (maybe) and they seem to have been after her for a while. I really can’t uses more then that expect that perhaps her interest in the sky is part of it, like she herself is from somewhere with no sky, or she is like the sky or something, I don’t’ really know. What I do know, is that I find it very damn interesting and don’t really give a crap what some simple minded idiots say, I so far love it and am hooked into the characters and interesting beginning of plot. (Sorry, kind of went off there. If you can’t tell I read some reviews that bashed this show and don’t agree)

I think its pretty obvious romance wise that only Matsuri has a chance in hell of ending up with Yorito. I don’t know exactly what kind of relationship there is between Yorito and the other girl, however it’s already not been shown strong enough to contend with the obvious main girl. Hell, just the supernatural or bizarre setting makes Matsuri the only choice, as it puts a stronger focus on her then otherwise. Plus, so far I love her character. Even from the brief stuff they’ve shown, and not taking into account anything about her background or what’s up with the odd events surrounding her, her personality is great. She just seemed like a fun character, it’s hard to describe. Not that she is hilarious or completely sarcastic, but I really liked her…plus she is kind of hot. I honestly hope that there isn’t too much completion for Yorito, given that there is already more then one girl featured. It’s obvious if he ends up with anyone it will be Matsuri. But hell, with the supernatural setting she could end up dieing or disappearing at the end so he may not “end up” with her but the romance will be centered on her. Since its obvious it’s her, hopefully there isn’t that competition because it will needlessly distract form the actual romance and the weird and confusing supernatural or just out of the ordinary things going on.

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