Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight – 09

Manabi and co. struggle to get enough signatures on their petition, and they begin to loose hope.


Overall this episode was pretty good. Although, it honestly didn’t have that much in it. They were collecting signatures at the end of last episode and still are at the end f this one, but I guess it justified filling the time they needed to have to fill them and everything. Even though not too much happened advancement wise, I enjoyed it a lot. I thought the video by Momo they showed was excellent. Well done and a bit emotional and all. However this episode really had me wondering about the overall focus they are gunning for. I mean, so far we’ve only seen them try and tackle getting the school festival. There’s nothing about the actual schools being merged. They started to show that some in this episode with the new uniforms and song being shown. It almost seems like all of this will be a waste if the schools actually merge. They made it seem like that was a huge problem they were trying to deal with, however now it seems like they are spending so much time and having enough trouble that just getting the festival will be a problem. They haven’t even touched on the possibility of them doing anything to change the school merger, which makes me think that it might not happen. Which, as I said, is a shame because they spent all this time getting you attached to Seioh. I just hope that along with the festival, they deal with the merger too.

I think one of the best parts of this whole episode had to be Momo. Hell, she didn’t just make the episode better and more funny because she was just there doing things like she normally does, which was a big plus. She actually caused the plot to move ahead a bit. Albeit the plot overall in this episode didn’t go too far, they were just getting signatures the whole episode, but it was because of her and her hacking into the announcement and all of her recording that made the episode as emotional as it was, it made the episode have an event that really hit hard to the main characters, and overall it seemed to have helped start get the ball rolling more for overall signatures. Even if they don’t’ actually get the school fair or if they have to merge schools, her actions caused for there to be a real setting of friendship there. Like the principal said it doesn’t matter if they don’t do anything, because of the memories they make. Now, whether or not that will be enough to justify them failing, I’m not sure. It almost worried me a bit when she made that point, that even though she didn’t make a difference, it didn’t matter because of the memories. If they state something like that it may carry over to Manabi and lead to them failing but “be better for it in the end” because of memories. Not that having memories would be bad, but this show has dragged me in enough that I really seem to have school spirit to want to keep Seioh alive. I still am unsure of the outcome, but Momo played a huge part in making it known to everyone and really stressing the kind of fun and friendship they have.

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  1. The 4 studenys watching Momo’s broadcast suspiciously look like Yuno, Miyako, Sae and Hiro from Hidamari sketch.

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