Idolmaster Xenoglossia – 01

Haruka, a young girl, is accepted after an idol interview to go to Tokyo, and so she goes there and meets another girl who is there for the same reason, when they encounter some interesting events.


…… What?!? That was certainly a very confusing episode. I mean, especially considered I more or less knew that there were idols piloting mecha. Overall the plot wasn’t that confusing, but that last couple of minutes just had me wondering what the hell was going on. I understand that these people pilot mechas to stop meteors, and I can start to understand that there was some super mecha that this one girl is connected to. But it got so much more confusing at the end, they started calling that one mecha two different things, Prometheus 1 and then that evil twin of the other girl who hasn’t been explained called it IMBER so then her mecha activated which is apparently Prometheus 3, NUBILUM. So my guess right now is that Prometheus is a term for all of those kind of mecha, and IMBER and NUBILUM are more specific ones. However I still have no idea what this evil twin is doing and why there would be people opposed to a group saving the earth from being hit by meteors, plus why Haruka is connected to IMBER, who knows maybe its her mom or something? (God I hope not) Anyways, despite being very confused, which I guess is to be a bit expected from a show like this, I did rather enjoy it. It seems like an interesting enough premise, I just hope there is more there then saving the earth from meteors, because that could easily get very boring very soon. Hopefully this other group will not only pose some interesting conflicts, but lay the path to a deeper interesting problem.

It seems like Yui Horie is in everything lately, she’s one of the only three seiyuus that I can identify instantly by voice. (See, I’m not as pathetic as some others…although the fact that two of those three generally play lolis says something else about me, but anyways…..) Her character in this so far is pretty interesting though, its like Shiori grew up and switched voices with Ayu, her character reminds me so much of Shiori, her personality and her looks. As for Haruka, I loved her character a lot. It seemed to be pretty fresh, and although a bit stereotypical because really almost every character is after this many anime being made, it still seemed interesting to watch. I LOVED her cell phone, it was so cool. I hope they do more with her apparent obsession with penguins because I thought that was hilarious, and having grown up with two parents who have a obsession for penguins, I find it even more funny and familiar, as some of that penguinism was passed onto me I guess. So as for the two characters they showed the most, so far I really like them and the others didn’t’ seem too terrible. Hopefully they will be interesting as well, because no anime, no matter how good of a plot, can’t be improved with fun and interesting characters.

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  1. Good post–I really like the characters so far too, and that’s what makes or breaks most anime series for me, so it’s off to a good start. Usually I’m not a big fan of the mecha genre, but I just watched episode 2 and I’m still sucked in to this one. Haruka’s a likable, believable character, and it’ll be interesting to see where they go with this. I’m hoping sometime soon we get some backstory on what exactly blew up the poor Moon and turned it into asteroid belts named after things you’d put on pancakes. But I guess with 26 episodes to work with they’ll most likely take their time explaining what’s going on…

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