Huge Backlog Chipping Away

Due to me being really busy lately at a very inconvenient time due to all the new shows, I have a huge backlog of anime right now. Lately I’ve had a lot of stuff going on but its mostly over now so I’ll be chipping away at my backlog and try and get back into more normal posting soon. After my current stock of about 15 episodes is finished Xeby will finally get around to posting her character profile and then with my luck and the speed of subs for the new shows, I’ll have another big backlog. However since I’m not busy they will get finished fairly soon. Just to let you all know I haven’t died or purposefully taken less time for blogging.

3 thoughts on “Huge Backlog Chipping Away”

  1. My backlog grows on a daily basis in terms of anime. My figure photography backlogs grows about once or twice a month. Well hopefully you can catch up on it all.

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