Nanoha StrikerS – 01

Under the watch of Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate, two young mages Subaru and Tea take a promotion test in order to raise their mage rank.


Wow, this was incredible. I don’t care what some people have said about not liking it, I think its amazing and I will continue to highly look forward to watching this show in the future. It really is very cool I think. One of the things that I loved about the previous Nanoha shows which ha sonly improved tenfold in this is the cool and flashy magic and skills they use. I think they have done a wonderful job of making all the things they do look so cool. It’s just the simple things but the magic triangle thing around Subaru when she fires her thing, her gauntlet, all of the original stuff. Attacks are more then just a blast; they come with rings of magic inscriptions that hover around their hand and simples around their whole body and the ground they are on. The fights, already, even though this episode was just a test, looked amazing and I can’t even begin to imagine what they will be like when there is some big trouble or whatever. The old characters are great and the new ones don’t suck. All in all this has taken absolutely everything I loved about the first Nanoha series, except for lolis, and made it better. I think this will definitely continue to impress me and I am already in love with this show.

Subaru has definitely become one of my favorite characters now just from what they’ve shown from her in this episode. We’ll see how well she does in my rankings the more they show her, hasn’t beaten Fate or Hayate yet, but she’s already hot and cool enough to beat Nanoha. As for Tea, eh. She’s nothing special, again it’s a little too early to judge the characters that much, but Tea didn’t impress me as much as Subaru did. However ju8st form really confusing this episode on Subaru and Tea it makes me think of how much a focus there will be on the original cast versus the new people. I mean obviously to make the show interesting they have to include characters like Subaru and such to make it feel more fresh then just another season of Nanoha, but they can’t leave out what made it so popular either. I just wonder where their focus will be, on the old cast or new, or if they will manage to keep it nicely balanced. It will be interesting to see, and I can’t really tell which would be best but it just seems that balancing it would be the best idea, which isn’t the best to judge or do though.

I just can’t wait in any greater anticipation for the next episode because of that preview they showed. It showed basically three of the original trio sleeping together; all in the whole too big for them button down shirt. Nanoha wasn’t wearing anything but panties either; you could see them in the preview. Showing that already like this makes me wonder what more things like that we are going to see. Not that it’s a bad thing or anything. Honestly though it’s not the reason I would be watching this series, but my gad it doesn’t hurt either. I wonder what their explanation for all sleeping together in the same bed exhausted like that is…..I have my theories but….yeah :D

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  1. I have a bit of a backlog, but I am planning on continuing the series, just gotta plow though all the oter episodes I still need to blog.

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