Hitohira – 01

Mugi, a girl who gets so shy that she sometimes can’t speak, goes to the first day at high school with her friend, trying to deal with her shyness and speaking in front of the class.


Well, this show is pretty interesting, and overall I really enjoyed watching it. Unlike a lot of shows it seems, this show wasn’t really surprising in what it was about. Just the tiny little bit I knew seemed to hold true, about a incredibly shy girl who got so shy that she couldn’t talk at times. However I honestly thought she would be much shyer then she was in this episode. Because of this quirk and focus on a girl being incredibly shy, it does make this show slightly more unique then some other school setting shows. I mean, there have always been shy girls but not really a main focus on being shy. For that I was expecting her to be more shy then she was, or at lest show it more. She seemed to even talk to Kai perfectly fine when he was hiding under the desk, would think interacting with the opposite sex would make her the most embarrassed. Still, it was ok with the amount it had, but hopefully they will show it a bit more but do so reasonably, as it is something that makes this show different it would be nice if they kept it going to it remained so.

The interesting point of this show so far is the focus on drama and theatre. I didn’t know there was gong to be any focus on that, but it does make sense when I think about it. After all, what better challenge or interesting scenario for a girl who is incredibly shy then performing or dealing with performing in front of an audience. Although, I’m not too sure on how that’s going to work out, as she joined the drama research club, which doesn’t sound like they would do any performing, even though in the OP it seemed to lead that she would perform sometime. It will be interesting to see how the two drama clubs clash or what exactly the connection between them will be. The president of the other club seems to have some kind of interesting story about her, and Mugi knew about whatever play it was from just seeing the dress, so perhaps the two clubs will work together and Mugi will star, who knows.

I have to mention the one scene in particular in this episode that made me laugh out loud so damn hard. I had to pause the anime because of how hard I was laughing. When Mugi was introducing herself and ended up head-butting Kai. Wow, that was so hilarious. Alone, it’s not anything that spectacular, but just at the moment, and the circumstances made it absolutely hilarious. It seems to be a pretty good bet that random head buts like that that are just completely sudden are pretty damn funny. In Strawberry Panic there was a similar scene, and despite not being like by some and what not, it had an absolutely hilarious scene when someone, I forget who, was bowing when she was nervous and her head went all the way down that it hit straight on the desk in front of her. That scene was hilarious too and this one wasn’t any exception. I don’t expect this to be super comedy focused. However for the kind of show it seems it will have more comedy then a slice of life, but I hope the comedy they do have is as good s this or at least fairly well.

I can just tell that I’m probably going to end up loving Kayo’s character. I usually end up having a thing for girls in anime who use cameras. I don’t know what it is, and it’s not like it’s really that intentional either, perhaps the writers purposely make girls with cameras awesome characters. Ryoko from Zegapain used a camcorder (same thing basically), Momo from Manabi Straight, Tomo from Mahoraba, and even crappy Tsuyokiss had Noriko which was an awesome character and hilarious too despite the actual show, all who sued cameras or camcorders. So here’s to Kayo, in hope that she will step up to her position in weird innate draws to anime girls with a particular hobby.

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  1. “Although, I’m not too sure on how that’s going to work out, as she joined the drama research club, which doesn’t sound like they would do any performing, even though in the OP it seemed to lead that she would perform sometime.”

    Why would they pick a girl with a strong voice if they do just research and not perform plays? And it’s kind of obvious that overcoming the shyness by getting on stage is going to be a major theme in the anime.

    The first episode was surprisingly good, it kind of reminded me of Maria-sama ga miteru (which btw features a girl with camera you should have mentioned :)).

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