Hidamari Sketch – 05

When Yuno catches a cold, she starts to have very bizarre dreams of different things and her friends do everything they can to make her better.


Wow, this episode was very very odd. The whole first half and a good bit more were just bizarre. All of Yuno’s dreams were just….well, like I said, bizarre. It was fun and interesting to watch, but didn’t really seem to have that big of an impact. All in all this episode wasn’t the greatest; it seemed rather boring at times. I mean, the dream sequences were interesting and bizarre enough, but it didn’t rally draw me in and overall I wasn’t that impressed. However this episode doesn’t make me feel any worse about this series or anything, I still love the idea and the basic series. They did have some nice cute touching moments which I would expect. Showing everyone caring about her and all, but compared to some of the others it wasn’t up to their level, but still good on its own. I was glad to see that they still kept a very strong hold on the friendship connection that everyone has even though it was more or less focused on just Yuno and her being sick, Her and her dreams seemed to be the focus, but the main thing that I liked about this series, the chemistry everyone seems to have, is still there and quite strong.

As for individual things about this episode that I liked, I absolutely loved Miya’s impression of the principal. Even though this episode didn’t seem to be that focused on humor at all, I found her impression and everyone’s reaction to it hilarious. Also, of course, Yoshinoya was one of the bet parts of the episode. If they would just show her more in every episode this series would be a thousand times better, I absolutely love her character and her part in this episode was pretty funny too. Still, beyond that there wasn’t really too much humor, everything seemed rather focused on the messed up dream sequence or on the whole theme of friendship and being there for Yuno, hopefully there is a bit more in the later episodes because even though this is mostly a slice of life, the humor really makes it much more interesting.

2 thoughts on “Hidamari Sketch – 05”

  1. I for one am really starting to enjoy this anime, and I am very greatful to you because you were the one who introduced me to this.

    That aside, I find Hidamari Sketch to be a very relaxing show to watch. It is not addictive, nor exciting, but still very enjoyable and entertaining. I dont find humour a must-have in this show, because it is still very fun without all the comedy. I just wish the fansubbers could sub this quicker.

  2. Did you notice the cocoon? It became a caterpillar, then another cocoon, a bunch of other stuff. Eventually it was replaced with a tea kettle that changed colors. Weird… not as weird as Yuno’s dreams though.

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