Venus Versus Virus – 08

Lucia goes out in search of the enemy so she can try and find out where Lucif is, trying to seek revenge on her father after finding out the truth about what happened in the past.


I’m still very surprised at how much this show has changed and at what the show has become now. It used to be so boring and obvious what would happen but now things have really changed. I’ve said it before but this show has become amazingly interesting. I really am not sure what exactly will happen at all. All of these new developments, the mystery behind the characters, its all still there and its done very well. The mystery of how and what exactly Lucia and Sumire’s powers are still there, what the bad guys are, what their connection to Sumire and Lucia’s powers are, and what the hell the connection to Lucif is. I just think and want to say, that asides for what actual plot there is and what the secrets behind the different characters are, this show has really took a huge step up. Its plot and character development has gotten much darker and more serious, plus the general tone of everything has gotten different. It’s not longer about going after a virus and saving someone, it’s really about the bigger picture now and it truly is interesting.

One thing that this episode had me wondering about is what if any the connection between Sumire and Lilith is. (My god, whenever I hear or say that name I can’t picture anything except for a girl in a giagantiously huge hat) Several times in this episode Sumire is shown being compared to Lilith. First when Sumire saved Lucia, though Lucia’s eyes we saw her mother’s image appear over Sumire. Then later near the end Sumire was talking with Nahashi and she turned into Lilith for his eyes as well. Now, it could be nothing. It could just be that her kindness and demeanor or something resembles that of Lilith; because she cares so much blah blah blah. However I still think there is a chance that something more is going on. With all the unsolved mysteries in the show so far, I’m really starting to wonder if Sumire is like some kind of reincarnation of Lilith. Maybe not that exactly, but if there is some deeper connection between Sumire and Lilith. After all, Sumire got her powers after touching Lilith’s old broach. I think that if there is a deeper connection, it could really turn out to be much more interesting and with the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if something odd and big like that was revealed.

I’m still confused as hell as to whom these bad guys actually are. The two “kids” or younger bad guys don’t know who the hell Lucif is, but their leader does. Plus the fact that Lyla is with him and Lyla was always with Lucif and eventually went away with him when he went to go all evil and crazy. There’s that fact, what the hell the connection between all of them and Lucif actually is. Plus what the hell the root of their powers is. The leader seemed to put fragments inside of them for some reason so I don’t know what the hell is up with that. Everything about them is still a mystery it seems. For all the advances in plot most of the stuff, especially about the bad guys, is still kept a huge mystery.

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