Sumomomo Momomo – 17

Momoko and Koushi take in Tenka as he tells them the story of what happened to him, and informs them that his siblings are going to be coming after him.


Well, this episode was ok, for this show that is. I don’t’ really have any delusions about this show, its not really that good, but I suppose it does have some kind of charm. It is funny in some places but only because of how stupid it is. However, hopefully that’s intentional as a lot of things that are really stupid or just weird are funny. However, despite that this premise of this episode kind of made me made almost. Sure the show isn’t that great, but I think it would be interesting if they started to introduce more characters and assassin. However this episode was again about the tiger clan. Not just that, but the information that there are three other tiger assassin we have yet to see. We haven’t even seen one assassin or character from every clan yet and they are already not introducing five from one of them. I guess I was hoping that that would make the show slightly better. I’ll still keep watching this, but not under the assumption it will get better. It is what it is, it is funny in some parts but I hope they will at least put closure on the assassins instead of needlessly going off like they did here.

Even for a rather disappointing premise, I suppose for character advancement and such it was an okay episode for Tenka. He never got any character development before really, although he hadn’t really been in the series at all either. With the kind of advancement they gave him in this episode, showing more of his inner personality and history, hopefully his appearance in further episodes will get improved by this. I did like the story and thought it was done pretty well about him and his younger brother. Everything else wasn’t that great but just the relationship and situation between him and his younger brother was interesting to watch. I’m really not too sure if we are going to see any of the other tiger assassins; if we do they better are consolidated so that one clan doesn’t take up the entire series. Anyways, even when they appear I doubt their story will be as interesting as this one. It seems like there is more of a pure hate relationship between Tenka and his other siblings, but with his younger brother there was something deeper like not talking to him because he was becoming too strong and so on. Which is a bit of a shame, it would be great if they only had this episode because they did do it rather well, trying to do anything with the other brothers won’t be very interesting as all because there isn’t as complex of a relationship. Not that this show itself will be able to show in any GREAST quality anything deep.

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