A Little Late, But My Spring Picks

I realize that the spring season is pretty much already completely started with most of the shows having aired already, but I thought I should do a post on what I’m going to be watching and blogging. I never intended my season posts to inform everyone of all the choices, just what I’m picking so its not completely pointless being late. Anyways, I’ve always had the page about what I’m looking forward to up, The “Anime I’m Looking Forward To” page, but that also includes things coming even a year from now. So, this post will be mostly an excerpt of the spring shows from there. Well, without any more useless delay, here are my picks.

One quick note on StrikerS, being a huge Nanoha fan I’m going to be watching and blogging that but this is one show that I’ve run into a bit of a dilemma on. The first release of it, raws and subs are of a terrible quality. Not just that its small res, thats not generally a problem since the screen shots are smaller anyways, but the overall quality of it is just horrid. So I’m not sure if I should blog it when it first comes out or blog it when the second higher quality version of it comes out. I’m already not going to be the first to blog it because its not the raws, but still don’t know if it should be that delayed. Anyways, onto the picks now.

Hayate the Combat Butler


I’ve read a bit of this manga so far online. I recently bought the first volume in English and because I don’t generally read manga online unless I have a Japanese version and want a translation, I’ll likely just read it as it comes out in English. I’m overjoyed at this release as many others are, just from what I’ve read the manga is great and I have high hopes for the anime. It’s basically about a boy who ends up being a butler for a girl because he was trying to kidnap her but ends up saving her. My main hope for this series, manga and anime is that they show some romance there because I think it would make the characters and setting more interesting.


This anime looks very very cute and just fun to watch. Basically about a really shy girl, sure to be full of cute moments when the girl, who is cute, gets embarrassed and doesn’t talk because of it. I expect not a lot of drama or anything, just a fun relaxing view of a cute shy girl.

Idol Master Xenoglossia

A very odd premise at least, mixing mecha with moen-ess. Apparently these wannabe idols pilot mechas for some reason. I really don’t know how at all this works but if anything I’m going to watch it because of how odd and unique it is. Plus, I’ve heard some good things about it.

Kaze no Stigma

Not only does this look like Shana, which by itself gives it a lot of points, but just the character designs look good. It seems to be an action shounen like fantasy plot, which isn’t in high abundance. Not in the kind this is. I don’t expect it to have the same plot as Shana, but something along the lines of its genre which should prove to be interesting.

Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo

I’m definitely interested in this one. Another harem, school romance but like I said in one of my editorial posts, I can’t get enough of those. It’s about a guy and five girls who all go to school together, and there will obviously be feelings. Just like every other school romance except they are the only five students in the school. That by itself makes it more interesting. Even though it is an obvious harem, I think it will be interesting, and even if not, I’ll till watch and blog it.

Lucky Star

Well, just the fact that it is being animated by KyoAni makes this a must watch and blog. I didn’t even read what this was about before I decided that I was going to watch and blog it because of that reason. Even now, I know pretty much nothing about it. There are cute loli like characters, and its KyoAni. Enough said. But also, wth is up with the Wii Remotes in the picture, lol. This is from the official site too.

Nagasarete Airantou

The setting for this basically seems to be a guys paradise, being stranded on an island with only girls. If for nothing else I would watch this because as I’ve said before I like romance shows, and this is the kind that may prove to be interesting. It’s a harem and all, but doesn’t pretend not to be at all. This reminds me of Girls Bravo a lot, the premise.


I don’t know much about this show, but apparently its from the writers of Da Capo and Kanon. Seems interesting just form the writer combination, but mostly I’m just going to be watching this one because its school romance and the character designs look pretty nice.


Another Nanoha anime except that this time they take off where Nanoha A’s left off with everyone being in their teens. I enjoyed the other Nanoha’s so it will be interesting to see how this develops.



3 thoughts on “A Little Late, But My Spring Picks”

  1. Seems like you are picking up alot, does this mean you will blog them all? Because I am pretty much watching everything but not sure if i will have the time to blog them all

  2. Awesome stuff, I’ve almost the exact picks, minus the StrikerS. I think after the first ep of Xenoglossia we’ll find out why they have to be idols. To~hoho~~

    Cheers ^^

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