D. Gray-Man – 25

Allen is asked to deliver something to one of the five Generals, when he arrives he finds out that the General has left to fight against some Akuma.


This episode honestly seemed a little pointless. Not really in the way that some of the others felt, I mean after all we were introduced to one of the General’s and all, it’s a better episode then the crappy ones focused on Komurin, however it still felt a bit, eh. Like it didn’t do much. The odd thing that I found about this episode was there seemed to be a big revelation of Allen that he didn’t make a mistake in becoming an exorcist, that he made the right choice. While that is an interesting conclusion, it felt a little out of the blue. It’s not like thy showed him recently struggling with why he became an exorcist or if it was the right thing to do. If he did, it would have made things a lot more interesting because his revelation would have been the conclusion and closure to a topic. However without it it’s almost like who cares, so he made the right choice. I’m not adverse to a problem with whether he did the right thing in becoming an exorcist; they just needed to emphasis the actual problem more for this solution to have any good weight on the story.

As for the General himself, it was again a little bit disappointing. For one, they kept talking about how strict this guy was on manners and they made it seem like it a was a big thing, perhaps something that could be a humor source, however they didn’t really show him being strict about that at all, and they mentioned it more then just once. Aside form that he just seemed rather personality less. I loved that he had a very tragic story, and his weapon is cool. He’s like a guy Rider or something, but aside from his attacks and his back-story, he really didn’t seem all that interesting.

It seems from here on out they are going to stress and hopefully really include this big plan that the Earl has. They talked about it at the end of last episode, but that was just amongst the Noah family, now with Kanda finding out it sees like whatever is going to happen is revealed to all the exorcists. I’m not really sure what it could be though, as aside from both sides trying to collect innocence, that’s all anything has really been about. Its not like the evil side now has all the innocence or something, so I’m curious not just how whatever this is turns out, but just what the hell it is period. The next episode seems to include the start of whatever is going on, as Kanda is likely to tell someone and it looks like the General we just saw runs into some trouble. Hell, maybe he even dies because Lenalee looks pretty shocked and devastated in the preview. Hopefully things will get darker and just more interesting, with half the series gone it’s mostly roughly kept the fight this Akuma, go here and fight another one or recover this innocence and so on.

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  1. I think this episode is just another filler. Or maybe the anime starts to take different way than manga…
    But they showed Kanda at least ^^

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