Shuffle Memories – 12 [Final]

Rin takes a vacation on a cruise in the God World with everyone, and when he disappears leaving only his cloths on the ground when he goes to look around, it raises suspicion from everyone.


Wow…this episode was…something. Before I get into the actual content of this episode I was very very happy with the kind of episode it was. Not referring to the swimsuits or anything, but the way they handled the extra content episode was great. It still showed the character personalities very well while focusing on new content that wasn’t necessarily Asa and Rin together, in fact it seemed to be placed before he even made the choice to go with Asa. Overall, the episode itself had a very “extra OVA episode” feel and I would love to see similar episodes in just OVAs. The extra content is better this way I think, as trying to show him going a different path would have required too much follow up and leading up to it as well, which they did have. More episodes like this, stand alone humor centered stories are great and I loved the approach this extra content had.

Now, as for the episode content itself….wow. Wow… was, interesting. I wasn’t expecting so much…skin, but looking back at the series and the fact that it had a couple of nudity shots, I’m not really surprised. Even thought it was VERY fanservicey, I thought it was really funny to watch. They almost seemed to make fun of the fanservice that they put in. However, it still was a very erotic episode. It went past fanservicy, not that that is bad, but it moved to erotic and just eye widening at points. Things like the eels/tentacles thing was just a bit disturbing yet interesting to watch. I loved Rin’s response to seeing Nerine attacked by them. Plus, they not only made fun of the fanservicy bits, but just the whole theme of sex. Like Sia looking for Rin, not complaining because he would do something like she thought he was doing, but that he wasn’t doing it with her. “I can strip too, why it can’t be me” I thought it was very funny. However, one of the most interesting parts hard to be when the mirror broke. I just saw that and knew what was coming, I just looked in awe. A very…very……something scene. Anyways, maybe if they were to do OVAs in the future they wouldn’t have to be this fanservicy, but it’s not like every episode in the series was like this so it was fun to watch none the less, and I’m certainly not complaining that I “had” to see the girls that way.

Final Words:

One thing I still don’t really get is how people can be surprised at what this show was. I don’t get it. I’m not mad or calling people who disliked this stupid or anything like that. It’s your opinion to whether you like it or not, but how can you complain because it’s not what you thought? I’ve ranted about this a couple times and since this is the final section for this series, I’m going to repeat it once more. Shuffle Memories is exactly what it was supposed to be and what it tried to be. It’s Shuffle MEMORIES. You can’t expect all new content completely, no one recap eleven episodes of new content. If they wanted mindless content like the final episode was then they would make an OVA, if they wanted story and character content they would make Really Really or Tick Tack. That’s the main thing. People complained about how much of it was a recap. I can understand that if it was called one of the other two games I mentioned, but its not. Shuffle Memories is what it was supposed to be. A retelling in a new way of what had already happened. The final episode was really just a bonus. I thought it was very interesting how they broke it down into characters. It made it much more interesting to watch it like that then it would have been to just watch the series over again. They took the series and summarized it in half the length in a new way. I found it interesting. Now, I can understand if some found it boring, but not if they found it unexpected.

Rant aside; I did really enjoy this series. Although that may be helped by the fact that I liked the original. This is really a hard series to do an overall impression and review of because I really don’t think it’s intended to be a substitute for watching the real thing. This really was aimed at people who had already watched it. This series if nothing else was very unique. I have seen no other series, and if there are others out there there are very few, that do something like this. Sure there are remakes like the Kanon thing, and multiple seasons, and spin offs, but this series was just really different because it told important parts in a different and shuffled way (no pun intended) then it was originally viewed. It really is hard to judge, as except for this last episode, it was already known. Still, despite the fact I had seen the original; I rather enjoyed this which alone makes it fairly good I think. For a recap centered series, they did a good job of making it different enough job enjoyable.

4 thoughts on “Shuffle Memories – 12 [Final]”

  1. It was an all right series for the most part but Nerine totally got neglected and really there were parts that should have been in other characters episodes (way easy to see near the end), but this last episode made a great end and did give new content.

  2. I had hope that there was going to be new content to the memories. Like maybe what this character was doing when that was happening sort of thing. I mean any episode that explored Itsuki trying to get a harem of his own would have been awesome.
    But alas, outside of this episode and some of the OP/ED there wasn’t much of that.
    Though on that note I really enjoyed some of the openings, and I loved how there was one for each girl using one of thier own songs. That was awesome.

    As for this episode, just PURE win, it was like they tried to pack as much awesome as they could into this episode. Including the return of psycho Kaede. It was just awesome. ^________^
    And I totally knew Primula was going to catch that fish the moment they said how rare it was. -_- but my hopes that she was going to wish for a 6 way didn’t happen.

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