Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – 12 [Final]

When Kuu uses her power to stop Bastille from destroying the world, it causes her to have to say farewell to Kyoshiro.


The three words that pop into my head upon watching this final episode and seeing the ending pretty much stayed in my head for a long time while I reflected upon this end. They were as follows: WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Ok, seriously this ending was just so damn bizarre and confusing that I don’t know where to begin. It’s not even just that what happened was unexpected or anything, not that the end was surprising but more to the point where it was confusing as to what the hell just happened. I could handle the whole Kuu disappearing thing; it added some drama to her sacrifice and the whole situation. I could even understand and buy, and like the ending quite a bit if it went along where she disappeared and Kyoshiro eventually found her and Setsuna gave up her feelings, so on and so on and Kuu and Kyoshiro lived happily ever after. That’s essentially what I thought was going to happen. However I am just simply speechless with confusion as to what the hell happened when all of a sudden they showed little Kuu, and a much older Kyoshiro with Setsuna who had long hair again, and then all of a sudden they like went inside Kuu’s mind and they said how once upon a time a girl met a prince. What the fuck!?! So did Kuu return to her grown up form when she met him or was that just mental? How long exactly was it, what happened with Kyoshiro and Setsuna if it was years before finding her, if she didn’t resort to adult what the hell was going to happen, some 20 something with a 10 year old? That wouldn’t be right, its almost like it could either be that Setsuna and Kyoshiro end up and Kuu relives her life, but that wouldn’t make since because its not like she lost her childhood. Did Kyoshiro just replace the prince in her eyes? /sigh I really don’t know, this is one hell of a confusing end. If it just ended before the credits and they didn’t have the bit at the end that would have been so much more understandable. It would be open ended so would leave a bit room for interpretation like most anime do, but it wouldn’t have left me staring in disbelief at my screen for half an hour.

Even with the odd ending going about, all I seemed to care about as the episode unfolded was Setsuna. It was so sad as she just stood there all alone crying. Batraz had Sojiro, Kaon had Himeko, Meganjord or whoever had Kazuya still, and Kuu had Kyoshiro. All the shots of everyone together and then Setsuna’s shot made me feel so sorry for her. The thing though, is she really didn’t get much closure. I thought it was very nice that she got the scene where she cut her hair. I don’t know what quite the point of it was exactly, but having a dramatic talk with Kyoshiro at least showed they didn’t completely screw over Setsuna. However, I still feel a bit un-fulfilled with how she ended. Not taking into consideration the weird after credits scene, Setsuna didn’t get closure. She cut her hair, said she will follow Kyoshiro till he meets Kuu again, and then say goodbye. What the hell is the point in that? She is still screwed over. It would have been better if they would have shown that she accepted it more, that she would continue to be with Kyoshiro not to be his sword but to be with him even though he was with Kuu. Not the best ending still, but at least a bit more conclusive.

I was pretty surprised by Kazuya in this episode. At first, I didn’t expect him to be alive at all. It seemed like it would have been ok for him to have died when he was stepped on. His presence any further wasn’t really that vital to the story, and in fact after revealing he wasn’t dead he didn’t do much of anything. I would have thought that if a giant mecha foot comes crashing down on you from a mecha that is able to destroy time itself, that you would die. Normally, if that happened to me per say, I wouldn’t bet on my survival. Still, what was a bit weird about him not being dead is that even though he suddenly burst up as being alive, he did almost nothing. He attacked them but it was blocked and then apparently that made him get paralyzed because next he was in Meganjord’s (I still don’t know if that’s correct term, maybe Kuu was Meganjord, the long blond girl) lap. It seems a bit odd that even after all of that, he is just alive and nothing done about him; although nothing really needed to be done as either he is brain damaged or just a paraplegic who is depressed.

Final Words:

I remember my first impressions of this show were basically that it was one of the oddest things I have seen. That was, at first, the reason I kept watching it. It was the so many weird moments such as Kuu narrating everything; like “I’m taking a bath right now” Her phrase “Haike, atashi wa ouji-sama” will forever be stuck in my head. It was also some of the things such as these people like Batraz and Setsuna; they didn’t board mechas to fight, the all of a sudden just seemed to grow the limbs of them. Half the time they showed a full mecha being behind them under their control, the other time Batraz would just grow a giant mecha foot and Setsuna would counter with a huge arm. It was just so odd, yet original so I wanted to see what happened. I think it was more then the appeal of something odd, it as how unique and fresh this was. Not in an entirely good way, but unique none the less. Overall, I’m glad I kept watching. It may not have had the best or most coherent ending, but things really did get quite interesting.

Setsuna was definitely my favorite character in this anime by far. Hell, she’s probably one of the reasons kept watching, I wanted to find out what happened to her because of her situation. Now, I didn’t like her solely for her looks or anything like that, it wasn’t really her looks at all. She was such a more interesting character then that. It was her situation that made her so damn interesting and captivating. Here she was, completely devoting her entire life to Kyoshiro. She knew all along that he was trying to destroy all of the absolute angels, yet she still continued to follow Kyoshiro and was basically as she describes, his sword and nothing more. She cared so much for him that she helped him lead to her eventual death, so she thought. Then, Kuu comes along. Setsuna has been completely devoting herself to Kyoshiro, Kyoshiro is her life. Then Kuu comes along and steals away any hope she has for a relationship. However, Setsuna was just happy being near Kyoshiro, it’s not so much that Kuu took that chance away, just that now Kyoshiro cared for her and didn’t pay any attention to her. Hell, Kyoshiro even treated her like complete crap. She was begging, hurt and almost dieing once and begging for Kyoshiro to help her and he basically blew her off to run over and see if Kuu was ok, after she risked her life to save the both of them. I thought her situation was expertly describing a couple of times, that Setsuna gave everything for an empty future. It was descried that Setsuna gave her everything for Kyoshiro, all of it JUST to spend time with him however the time wielded nothing for her. Despite the ending, she is still my favorite character. As I’ve said above, the ending is very confusing so I’m not sure EXACTLY what happened, but Setsuna still lost it seems. So she remained a tragic character, which is a bit fitting but sad.

Overall, if nothing else, this show will be memorable. Not so much because it had a great plot or was truly groundbreaking, but of how odd it was. Sure its weirdness wasn’t the only thing; it ended up having a very interesting connection between relationships and an overall plot that tied different people together rather well. It was more then just an odd show, but I think I will remember it as one. For how it started out, the weird quirks, “Haike, atashi was ouji-sama”, and the messed up ending. This may not have been the best show, but it was a very very interesting one that I’m glad that I watched. I really did have fun watching it, and because of how unique it is I really did continually look forward to what was happening.

6 thoughts on “Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – 12 [Final]”

  1. I too was a bit confused at the end..and I completely agree that Setsuna was, if not, one of the most suffering characters in this show. I love her very much. How she’s very loyal to Kyoshiro through and through even though he didn’t seem to care shit about her..Unlike most characters, she doesn’t let her feelings get in the way for the happiness of the person she cares about no matter how much it hurts. Lol, I too think the reason I actually liked this show was to watch how Setsuna would progress. I am somewhat happy that Kyoshiro accepts her now..not as a rag doll, but someone who’s important to him. But somewhow..I got quite confused at the ending that didn’t know how to think of it..I guess this show was decent enough. Setsuna has defintely made it to my top 10 favorite female anime characters in history.^^

  2. Setsuna’s my favorite too!

    I think the ending was that Kuu disappeared, got reborn. 10 years later, kyoshiro finds her, enough time for Setsuna’s hair to grow long again. Although the idea of an old man and 10 yr old kuu together is disturbing

  3. Dude, if she was 10, he would probably be like 26 or 27… O_O;;;;

    But I really felt terrible for Setsuna.
    She is a gorgeous character, and I loved her design too. She is a sweetie, and I really thought she deserved a better ending. :/

    Kuu should have stayed dead.

  4. And why can’t he be 26 or 27? The scene did seem to take place later in the future because Setsuna’s hair grew longer and its also not like Kuu really came back, we don’t know what happened. At least she didn’t come back the way she was right away either.

  5. huh??? where can u see the last 11 &12 episodes of kyoshiro tot owa no sora???n the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD HELPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I NEED TO SEE HOW IT ENDS BEFORE SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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