1/8 Goodsmile Company Akizuka Nagi Figure

Name: Akizuka Nagi
Game: Peace@Pieces
Scale: 1/8
Height: 21cm
Manufacturer: Goodsmile Company
Received: 3.07.07

Wasn’t intentional to focus on background but I left the picture in because I thought it made a kind of cool effect.

Shot a couple times into the sun, which wasn’t the best idea but for a few pictures it left a cool effect.

Nagi’s skirt comes off so of course I had to take some shots of her without it on.

I’m definitely better at taking pictures outside. A majority of my pictures are outdoor anyways so I’m just going to continue with that. As far as this figure goes its very nice, seems pretty well throughout. Nothing flashy but it just looks nice.

3 thoughts on “1/8 Goodsmile Company Akizuka Nagi Figure”

  1. That effect my friend is called depth of field (I think). Also her hair looks a bit faded in some shots and kind of a light white haze in some pictures. Well you are getting better at it though I’m still assuming you are taking photos without people around you?

  2. I think your camera isn’t the best. The colours aren’t very vibrant, but it’s not something you can change without photoshop or new hardware. Sigh I never got down to taking pics of her.

    Oh yeah there’s a bit of Singaporean dust on her shoulder lol, you may want to use a cotton bud!

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