Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – 11

When all the angles combine to form a power that can destroy all existence, Kyoshiro fights to rescue Kuu’s heart from the beast and save her.


Wow was this episode odd. I didn’t know what was going on half of the time but it was still exciting. There seemed to be the majority of the “threat plot’ happening in this episode. I thought it was odd but a bit expected that they pulled some power ranger thing and combined into some giant mecha. It’s expected when each person has a different extremity; still it was much more confusing with why the thing started to break, what it was, and why it way something other then Kazuya expected. I LOVED Meganjord’s, or the other half of Kuu, whatever she is really called, description of all the angels. I thought it was excellent, it perfectly explained all of their characters. About how Sojiro was the only one who accepted Batraz, and Kaon will always hold onto feelings of Himeko , that Setsuna gave everything for an empty future I didn’t quite understand what the significance of understanding them and tying them to a pillar was, it seemed that because Kuu didn’t have that happen to her that the mecha broke down, however it started getting cracks before that, so I don’t know exactly, still not taking into consideration the plot, the descriptions were great for the characters at least.

One bit I’m a bit confused about still, like there aren’t enough things, is what happened to Himeko and Sojiro. It just showed Sojiro fighting and then for some reason he decided to take out a few bad guys by jumping off the huge staircase a ways down into pointy ruble, then the shot it showed of him seemed rather grim. Then, they just show Himeko lying of the floor. I don’t know if both of them are dead or what. After whatever happened to them it seemed to activate Kaon and Batraz so I don’t know if they awoke because of who they loved was hurt or dead. I don’t see why they would have to die, but it just seems a bit odd fro them to be. I suppose them nearly dieing could have been what was needed to awaken their respective angel, other then that I don’t see why they had to die, so I hope they are alive, either way it was a bit odd and unexplained thing.

I’m really not sure what the next episode is going to be about. I mean, for the most part the main plot threat is gone. Kazuya, the cause of all the trouble is essentially gone, squashed by a giant mecha foot. The giant mecha whatever exactly it was seems to be pretty much destroyed now. Really, the actual plot is over with, they don’t have to resolve saving the world or anything, so I’m curious what the last episode will be. I can’t see the entire episode just being some epilogue, especially not for a twelve episode series, there has to be something that carries a bit drama with it. From the preview it almost seemed like Kuu was disappearing, so I don’t know if her or all of the angels will disappear now that whatever has happened happened, but that would certainly be something that could take up the episode. I don’t know what the reasoning would be, but it would be interesting to see. Not that I want to see that, I think that would be a shame because its not just Kuu that would suffer, Batraz and Sojiro, and Himeko and Kaon’s stories would be effected, that is if they aren’t dead, still not sure what’s up with that.

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