Hidamari Sketch – 04

When a little girl calls Hiro fluffy, she obsesses about her weight so all four of the girls go to sing karaoke to help Hiro out.


This show has really grown on me. At first this wasn’t a show I thought too much about, after all the sub for it came out quite a bit after the normal first episodes of the winter season, so I didn’t even get into it until a bit later. The show started off ok, it was just a relaxing and charming show to watch. However, this episode really made me realize how much I’ve grown to love it. It’s more then just charming, the situations and setting is nice and smooth and all, yet I’ve just fallen in love with the characters so much. Hiro was especially wonderful in this episode, and in fact she has made the jump to my second favorite character. Of course, no one will be able to top Yoshinoya in this anime. Any fanboyism for Hiro aside, it really was great that she got some inclusion. I had said this before but it really seemed like Miya was too big of a focus. She’s an interesting and funny character and all, but it was her actions that drove everything. I’m just glad to see its balancing out more. Not only is Hiro really cute, but she’s got a great personality and the ongoing joke about her weight is one of the high points in the comedy this show has.

The one thing that I think I didn’t’ quite expect was for this show to have so many of the small funny moments that it does. After getting into it I figured it was just some slice of life, they work together, how cute and charming, characters have good chemistry. However I think what sets this show apart more is that it has all of that going just as strong, but has the moments such as the scene at Karaoke when Sae tells them the news and they go Ehhh!?! Only after Sae asks them if they are surprised. And of course, Yoshinoya sensei is always just pure win in this show, she needs her own spin-off. Even though she wasn’t in its episode that much, she still continues to captivate me. Even without any real direct plot, just life going on seemingly unchanged from anything big, even for a slice of life there is no drama, it really has drawn me in which I wasn’t expecting. I’m not anti slice of life, but I was a bit skeptical with this kind, I’m glad I continued it.

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  1. I like to think of it as the ‘Dt. Coke’ of Pani Poni. Only one calorie; not random enough.

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