D. Gray-Man – 24

Lavi and Allen take Crowley back to the Dark Order headquarters to get him introduced to his new life as an exorcist.


Even though this episode seemed to be rather fluff, in fact except for the Noah’s family bit at the end, it was all fluff, it wasn’t that bad. The main thing that caused me from not just dismissing it like some of the other really stupid Komourin fluff episodes was they actually included Crowley. That’s the one thing I still hate about how the Miranda arc ended is after she resolved herself to becoming an exorcist with her new ability, she just vanished. The same thing happed with Crowley in the whole resolution of what he is and that he can help, and this time they actually kept him in the story which I really like. Its not like Miranda is dead or anything, she could still appear later, but at least here we get an immediate inclusion of the new character. I’m still not too sure on how to take Crowley’s personality. I wasn’t quite expecting him to be such a crybaby as he is, especially after how much resolve and determination he showed in his main arc. I understand being sad about Eliade and all, but I think they could have toned it down a bit. Hopefully his crybaby-ness won’t be too overpowering when/if he appears again. I did like some of the smaller bits in this episode though, like the whole Allen cheating thing. I wasn’t quite expecting that but it was fairly amusing admits the rest of the stuff that seemed too overbearing.

It seems like the show we’ll get more interesting form here out, at leas I hope so. The earl did say how their plan was now going into effect or something like that, so hopefully that means that the entire rest of the series may be more focused on any overall big plan and plot rather then the small ones. Up until now there have been tidbits of plot scattered between these Akuma or exorcist of the week kind of stories. I just hope that the whole ominous unveiling of the plan and bringing together of the Noah’s family people actually means that it will continuously be a bit more plot driven and not ominous appearance after another for another twelve episodes. However just from the preview for the next episode it seems like things are going to take a bit of a step up, as a General appears in the next episode. I’m not quite sure if I heard it right but he could even be the like the leader of all the black order, either way he is at least a general which always seemed like it would have some important baring on the plot, as there seemed to be only a small handful of them. His appeared must mean something meaningful hopefully.

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