New Editorials Upcoming, Introduction of Another Persona: Xeby-chan

Hai Hai! Atashi wa Xeby-chan. Xebek finally went crazy enough and made another persona of himself, me, Xeby-chan. As it happens, with the appearance of me I am also going to be adding more editorial posts occasionally and continue the Character Profile posts that I have done a couple of, but a bit more frequently. All editorials and character profiles will be written by me, Xeby-chan, even officially. (See, I’m the post author!!!) Now, this site is still run by the same number of people, I’m technically the same person as Xebek, and behind the same person who has been writing posts thus far but Xebek was all stuffy and so I decided to step up and do some things.

For the character profile posts I will just be doing the same thing as the previous two posts, generally these will be from shows currently airing or recently finished. The next post shall be about Kawasumi Mai. Atashi Mai daisuke! Other posts will follow of whoever I feel like huggleing the most. @_@

The editorial posts may be a bit more sporadic, however soon I’ll have a three part serious series of posts on those kawaii lolis. Yes I know, its been talked about before but this time I’m really getting right into things. Rest assured It will be more then just fan ranting about them. After those posts I will be putting up some more when I think of them, but with me in charge instead of Xebek there will be at least more then before.

11 thoughts on “New Editorials Upcoming, Introduction of Another Persona: Xeby-chan”

  1. That’s a good idea. Xebek needs more editorial posts. And those types of posts can be a bit more interesting than plain-old anime episode impression posts.

  2. Awwwww, see I told you Xebek was no fun. It’s ok Xebek, I’m here for you. *huggles Xebek* I’ll be super fun and cute for the both of us :D

  3. Xebek you are one imaginative fellow, either that or just plain crazy :)

    Anyways I’m looking forward to Xeby-chan’s editorials!

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