Shuffle Memories – 10

Sia’s second episode, dealing with her other personality and the information about what happened to her sister as she tries to win Rin over.


Sia’s arc overall did seem a little bit better then Nerine’s from what this has shown and what I remember. As I said before, Nerine’s arc was one of the least developed as she basically shared an arc with Primula, and Primula was the main focus of that one too. Sia’s arc is a little bit better in that she is actually focused on in her arc, however it still feels like her arc is a little undeveloped and jus not that exciting.  There is a definite lacking when it comes to both of their arcs, as all of the other ones had some real drama and life threatening situations. However even with Sia’s more focused arc then Nerine’s, it doesn’t quite reach that level of urgency, it doesn’t rally draw you in and really care about what is going to happen. Well, I guess they can’t really have super amazing story for every girl, it still was a fairly good arc about Sia though, at least better then Nerine got.

Sia is defiantly a fun character, even just taking into consideration her normal personality and not that of the whore sister; she is quite charming and fun, and one of the reasons that I like her character as much as I do. Although she didn’t’ really have a chance, being one end of a spectrum with Nerine, it didn’t’ make sense for the anime to pick one end, god or demon, so I had always guessed it would be in the middle. Still, because of her character and personality I really did grow to like her just as her character. Hell she even got close to kissing Rin a couple of times, much much closer to Rin then Nerine ever was. For a second I when watching the original I doubted myself and thought that maybe she would end up with Rin just because of all the date sequenced and then getting stranded on that side of the beach together. I’m glad for the ending that they have now and all, but Sia put up a pretty good fight unlike Nerine.

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