Pumpkin Scissors – 24 [Final]

Alice confronts the commoners about their drive and what they want to accomplish here, and when Paul steps up and says he still has to duel, Alice chooses a commoner for him to fight.


Well, that ending was rather, not what I expected. No so much the ending to the arc about the ballroom. I thought they ended that arc amazingly well and really liked the outcome, however the ending to the series in general was just way too abrupt then I thought it would be. They didn’t settle anything really, in fact this episode in particular made things even more of a mystery, if anything it didn’t close up loose ends, just made more and made the ones they had already much much bigger. Things like the Marquis guy being a part of the Silver Wheel. So not only do we know there is some people in the army in the Silver Wheel, but one of the highest nobles who has a big influence in the army is also a member. It’s gotten to a point where the Silver Wheel thing is almost more interesting then the whole Invisible 9 thing. I’ll talk below about the series in particular, but this episode really did make things even more open ended. It was a great episode by itself, and a great end to the ballroom arc, but the episode itself really didn’t feel like a final episode to a series.

I thought it was kind of cool how Oreld and Machs stepped up like that and were given aut6hority like that. They did arrest the civilians like Alice wanted to do but they were basically just protecting them. They never did really have much of a purpose at all in this whole ballroom arc until now so I’m glad to see them included a little bit. It’s also just fun to see how they kind of beat the sy7tem by arresting them for something small they protect them from Section I. Even without the Marquis’s help their actions still could have done something, like perhaps let them escape somewhere or something. Either way, at least they got a part, and not just a small one, that that effected the outcome of the crisis that had been going on these past six episodes or whatever.

I thought Orland’s speech to Alice about how she was small was really cool and a bit touching. It showed nicely what their relationship was, and demonstrated that Alice tries to do everything on her own but Orland really does care a bout her a lot, trying to protect her and such. It seems obvious that he has a crush on her from that little talk though, I don’t really know if anything would come out of it, but it was kind of funny to see him blushing as he talked about protecting her. Despite just trying to talk to her and everything because of his crush, he did have a point about Alice trying to do things herself, so it served a pretty good purpose in character development.

Final Words:

I really do have quite mixed feelings about this show. On one hand it started out pretty well with the promise of something really interesting. They introduced the theme of war relief but right of the bat they dealt with some really interesting topic about the Invisible 9 and some almost super power that Orland had because of whatever experiment was done on him. The Invisible 9 theme was exciting, interesting, and filled with action. However one of the things that really plagued this show and made it almost hard to watch and I know for some made them drop it was how many dam fillers it had. This show contained almost half fillers. While some of those episodes did indeed focus on the overall theme of war relief, it really got too much I think. They could have gotten across how important it was for war relief and the differences between nobles and commoners with much less episodes, which would have in turn left room for more of the exciting episodes about the Invisible 9. Truly this shows greatest moments involved the Invisible 9 such as the flamethrower guy. I do think that some of those fillers were necessarily to not only get the point of war relief across, but just to set up for some other stuff, however it didn’t end as much as it had. Things like the sewers bit were important because it led onto not only the flamethrower guy but plot involving the Silver Wheel. This show was really great in some places, and could have been better if there weren’t as many fillers.

Although, asides from the Invisible 9 this show did have some other good and interesting aspects. The main one was the Silver Wheel bit. It was only introduced about half way thought he series, however it really turned out to be almost more interesting and more f a prominent danger or point of interest then the Invisible 9. It basically seemed to be a huge group of people that had infiltrated every aspect of society and seemly was evil. Now, I don’t know what connection they have to the Invisible 9, they are sure to have some, but it really did grow into more of a topic then others. A big part of that was because of the final episode, finding out that the Marquis was a part of it, showing that the organization was much greater then it had been shown before, or it could have been the fact that the fillers took away from most of the prominence the I9 had, either way it grew into a very interesting topic which, like the I9 was left completely unresolved at the end.

As far as the actual series and show goes, I’m not as skeptical or hating as some others who’ve seen it. I think it was ok, the fillers really hurt it but the other topics like I9 and Silver Wheel gave it a lot of potential. However as for its end, it was horrible. I really hope for a second season, which is weird because all in all this season wasn’t that great but it left things so unresolved that it couldn’t possibly be considered complete. They didn’t even try to tie things up, they pretty much acted like there was going to be another season the way they ended this, and if tit turns out there isn’t then it would really suck as far as the ending. The main thing I hope for is that if tit does continue; don’t use so many damn fillers. The ones in the first seasons will be plenty to have the point of war relief come across, so focus anything else on the six remaining units of the I9 and the huge Silver wheel deal. Until a second season comes out that focuses on that, this season, mainly because of its ending, will have been rather pointless.

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  1. As some one pointed out on my entry about the ending, the problem is the manga is still on going. Apparantly they just ended it on the latest volume, therefore I think we can assume this ending isnt the “real” ending since the series is still on going.

  2. If the manga’s still going then I hope once the manga is finished we can get a second series.
    I think I’d rather have a series that follows the manga reasonably well than one that makes up its own ending!

  3. I can’t believe that this won’t have a second series. In opening up even more pandora’s boxes as they did in the last episode, that says to me they have total confidence in a follow-on series, otherwise there would have been the usual half-assed scramble to make an unfinished show look finished that we’ve all seen so many times before.
    Assuming for a moment that there is indeed going to be a second series, I think that would raise many people’s opinions of the series considerably, although I do agree that perhaps things could have been pushed along a little quicker (however if they’re sticking to the manga, they can’t really go beyond what’s been written can they?).
    Apart from a few QUALITY moments in the animation here and there, I was fairly happy with the series, and am looking forward to it’s continuation.

  4. I am also content with the result which gives me hope. Because they kept pretty close to the manga and since there is still much material left, they may try to produce a second season. I
    I am looking forward to it… specially now that the manga has been released to America.

  5. Sigh, I loved this show. Yes maybe a few unnecessary eps, but in whole a solid serie. The art was great and the story was realy appealing and I will cry fer the rest of my life if we won’t se a second season of this :(

    Since the manga started in 2004 I say that the possibility that we will se a second season before 2010 is low.. that’s the sad thing about rushing out an anime. It happens way to often. Open ending and then we won’t se a second season since they wont have enough material in 3-4 years and the hype will not be that great then.. hate it hate it.

    Berserk, Gantz and Tenjou Tenge is probably other series that we wont se any continuation of.. I have still hopes on Mushishi though,, loved that show

  6. I saw the anime, then the manga. I think the anime is better for some reason, and I think that this is because there is more tension and a darker mood with the music and coloring, especially during when Oland turns on the blue lantern.

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