Kanon Remake – 24 [Final]

As the beginning of spring arrives, Yuuichi goes about his life with everyone, including Mai and Shiori. While talking to Akiko about the past and remembering Ayu’s accident, he learns something important.


Wow. This was everything I had hoped it would be, this episode and the series in whole. I wrote a lot, so for anyone’s help the first section talks about this episode, second section “Final Words” talks about the series as a whole. That said…. Wow. This final episode really was great. At first it was just really cool to see everything seemingly back to normal. Akiko was fine, and I wasn’t really bothered by her suddenly becoming fine because the drama that ensued from her accident, with Nayuki, was already finished. Which, they showed greatly too, Nayuki and Yuuichi being fine again. The actual ending scene with Ayu and her haircut was done perfectly. It was JUST how I remembered it, down to most of the lines being the same. Although done much better, animation, atmosphere, and so on. It was cool to see it how I remembered it. It made the moment much more touching, but more on my feeling so knowing about the ending before watching in Final Words.

Overall, this episode was great. It not only wrapped things up, but it made the episode itself more then that, it was fun to watch by itself and seemed to be the final point that I have been waiting for, not only for half a year or whatever scene the series started, but it really was the experience and ending I waited for since three years ago when I saw the first one.

One thing that made this episode constantly enjoyable and also memorable and a GREAT tie in with the whole story was how they closed all the open arcs. Before this Shiori’s fate wasn’t for sure, and no news had really come from Mai after she was in the hospital. Not only did they just show the two of them as fine, they really did include them in the story. It may not seem like that big of a thing, but after their arc and even after concluding it here, they didn’t just toss them to the side. Shiori was talking with Yuuichi for quite a while about dreams, which is a major underline theme of the entire series. She really discusses it in quite a bit of depth with him, so not only is she still included in the story, but her inclusion rally does matter. The same goes for Mai too, although seemingly not as much as Shiori, she was also included and actually a little bit important to the plot, as her talk is what makes Yuuichi go to the tree and find the hair band, which could be shown as an important part because Yuuichi lets out his feelings and makes a huge self realization.

Speaking of Yuuichi and his self realization, I thought that scene was great. It wasn’t anything they really had in the old series, or at least good. It did so many things too. Although plot wise it didn’t do much, him finding the hair band wasn’t said to be the exact link that brought Ayu back or anything like that. However that moment was probably one of the most, if not THE most, important scene in Yuuichi’s character advancement. The realization about how all along he had been choosing a dream over reality was a pretty big realization. It got rather philosophical, pretending that Ayu wasn’t actually around him as some spirit or anything that same realization could be said to be true in a more human mindset kind of way. It was a great example of how they matched deep concepts with the story perfectly, and also just giving Yuuichi some real advancement. He had seemingly been going though everything rather fine, although being sad he didn’t realize or change anything until this moment.

There were so many smaller things in this episode that made it great. It wasn’t just one of the best episodes because it concluded everything, but it took all of the small things throughout the series and included them here, making it feel like you were experience everything that made this show so charming. I loved how they still included a topic about jam. That was such a non important thing to the story or character development, but was constantly there and hilarious. I also LOVED Mai with glasses. It was a really cool scene, probably just because of Mai’s character. She’s a loner type, but not really, more like quiet so its really funny and nice to see her do things like that. Also, something really small that probably doesn’t really mean anything that was really neat to see was the final scene, the fox in the background. When they showed the little tree sprouting from the cut down one, in the background a small fox walked into the picture. Although I don’t think that that is Makoto, or that she’s coming back, it was neat that she could be included in a way even if they didn’t actually show her or anything. The last small thing that was really really cool was that the song Kanon was playing again in the café when Yuuichi was talking with Akiko. I’ll talk more about the connection that song has below in Final Words, but it’s cool that they would just put it in the background instead of normal music.

Final Words:

I first saw the original Kanon a couple of years ago, two or three, I don’t remember exactly. I had some break; I was off from school and wanted to marathon a series. Now, at that point I had already downloaded Kanon. A while before that I had downloaded a bunch of anime I found from recommendations and that looked interesting and burned them to DVD. So, Kanon had seemed like an interesting enough premise that I had it ready. I decided to watch it for not particular reason and ended up staying up all night watching the series. I was pretty impressed. The one thing I remember thinking about it was that it had much more supernatural aspects to it then I thought it would. However despite the horrible animation, I liked it. I’m not one to completely disregard an anime for animation. It helps it tremendously, but I try and look behind that to the characters and plot. Kanon in that sense was ok, I liked it. It wasn’t my all time favorite, nor even reaching into my top 10 or so. However, it was interesting. I liked how each girl had a tragic story of their own and how things intertwined. However, it did suffer a bit form being a tad boring at times. Except for the interesting overall plot and past these characters had, there was nothing to really pull everything together. Still, I quite enjoyed it. Not the best, could be better, but was ok. I thought the character stories, especially Ayu’s situation, was interesting.

When I heard that KyoAni, the makers of one of my newest favorite shows ever were doing a remake of a show I’ve seen before, I was very much interested. The original didn’t have enough of a hold on me to make me giddy about it, but I knew that it had a great story and KyoAni were amazing, they could make something that I enjoyed much better. I then heard it was going to be twice as long, which made me very happy because the boring parts, the emptiness that didn’t allow anything to be tied together could be filled. And I must say, KyoAni did not disappoint. Not only did their extra episodes allow for a bit more content and character development, the comedy and everything seem to have really made it more enjoyable all throughout. The original was good because of the high points; however this new version was continually charming and great. Sure KyoAni’s version is slightly different. Shiori’s arc wasn’t as sad, nor was Ayu’s final wish scene, however it was ok. They may not have been as sad, but they were different. Not so much in overall what happened, but how they approached the scene. Not only was it fun to watch something new I hadn’t seen, but it was almost more fun because I had seen the original. Overall, KyoAni did a miraculous job. The music, animation, everything seemed perfect for this series. They had taken something that was interesting, beefed up those high points the original had and filled all of it with good. They basically made everything that held the original down and made it spectacular. For that allowed me to enjoy an existing story even more. The overall plot is important, but KyoAni really showed that how you approach it is drastically different. Not just in animation, KyoAni beefed that up, but they really did do so much more.

One thing that I want to talk about is where Kanon got its name. I don’t know if Key actually named Kanon after this, but I wish they did and it fits. Back in the Mai arc, Sayuri talks about a song that is playing called Pachelbel’s Kanon. She said “It repeats the same melody and crescendos gradually, peacefully, and beautifully. It would be nice if life changed like that: slowly but surely, while being seemingly unchanged from day to day.” I think that that fits the theme of this show perfectly. The contrast is that life isn’t like that, not for real life, and not for Yuuichi. The show almost can be described as a fight to achieve Kanon, striving for life to be peacefully and gradually changing. However, as Yuuichi’s situation shows, its not. Things are always there, and he tries to deal with them, changing those anomalies into a Kanon style of life. I don’t know, it’s really hard to explain. It gets philosophical almost, about life in general and how life is or isn’t ever changing in a slow gentle way, like Kanon. Either way, whether life is or isn’t like Kanon, or if Yuuichi’s situation differs, the general theme and concept it refers to is great for this show.

Another thing I want to talk about is watching this series without or with having watched the previous series. Some may say that it is better to have only watched this one. While it is true that this series and version is better, I don’t agree. Although no one can really compare the two feelings, you can’t have both so anything will just turn into an argument about which is better. However after having watched the new one and old one, I can say that I am quite happy with my experience. Having watched the previous series it seemed to me like it helped me to enjoy it because I noted the little things. I also saw familiar characters and situations in new ways. The overall idea and plot may be the same, Makoto’s still a fox, Shiori’s still terminally sick and so on, but they were handled differently. I was able to get all warm and happy inside from seeing something that others may not understand. It’s hard to explain but it’s almost as if watching the other series allowed me to appreciate some things in the new one more. Some of it you can’t really experience, even if you watch this series a second time, it’s not the same feeling. I still got the feeling of seeing something new, but just in a different way. I had countless situations where I would go Omg, it’s so and so, that will be used for this. Bother versions may have said object or person, but the way they are handled is different, so there is still a joy of seeing something new and fresh, but it’s seeing something familiar that way. If it appears normally people may not pay much attention to it. Even watching it a second time and noticing those things won’t get that you that feeling. Although it may be enjoyable to watch this series first, I don’t doubt that, there is something unique and exciting about seeing a remake like this.

To wrap things up (yes, I know I went on quite a rant there) this show was amazing. It is truly epic to me and will remain one of my all time favorites. I won’t try and justify this show to those of you who don’t like it, as I can’t really do that. You either like it or you don’t, I can’t persuade you to change y our mind. To me, it is something that is truly memorable. The characters were great, interesting, and fairly unique. Not only that but several characters all had amazingly deep and tragic stories. Unlike other ero game adaptations where they maybe only talk about the deep story of the winning girl, this one they delved into all of them while still keeping a winner. I think one of the things that makes Kanon so special to me, and generally really a very great show is that it has a deeper meaning behind it. It isn’t just focused on real life events or odd events either. It has a constant theme of dreams and miracles. That theme is always there, Shiori talked about it to Yuuichi in the last episode specifically, and just all around it was always there. That’s what kept the explanation of odd things going, but made them work. That theme of deeper topics is what made this show a step above some others that may try and be like it. As for the ending, it was great, what I expected. It’s, again, hard to explain, but I felt like it was just how I remembered it but in a truly more spectacular and amazing way that it didn’t take joy away from seeing it again. In any case though, the show was magnificent, being great tragedy into it about greatly developed characters, as well as keeping a lot of humor amidst it all.

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  1. Heh, I too absolutely loved tying in Pachelbel’s Canon in D into the story, as I enjoy classical music and get giddy whenever I hear stuff like that appear in anime (like the dance scene in ep. 12 of Kanon). However, rather than as a “struggle to achieve canon”, I interpretted the significance of the piece as showing how each of the girls’ stories aren’t really all that different. Their stories form a kind of canon, slowly repeating and building up, with its beauty undiminished in spite of the repetition.

    Also, whoever pointed it out was right: “Last Regrets” also seems to be composed in a canon form.

    (don’t mind my spelling it “canon”, as it’s spelled “kanon” in German, Pachelbel’s language)

  2. Yeah, I looked it up the name after a discussion name on IRC. The orignal name was “Kanon und Gigue in D-Dur für drei Violinen und Basso Continuo” so I just refer to the song with a “K” even though trasnlated into english they used a “C”

    And as I said before, the tying in of the song can be interpreted many different ways, It’s just cool that its there in the first place and that in this particular series it can go multiple different ways.

  3. Indeed. I was quite sad just to be watching the final episode, not that the episode itself was sad, but that it would be all over. Just watching the OP made me sorry it will be gone.

  4. Awsome happy ending to the series. I was happy to see Mai again, since she is probably my favorite girl. She was really cute in the glasses lol. The animation by Kyoani was amazing until the end, and I’ll be looking forward to Clannad!

  5. Probably the first and only series so far that I bothered spending time on Winny and clubbox trying to find Xvid-encoded 720p HD version.

    I’m definitely looking forward to Clannad too =D

  6. Awesomely clever ending. It not only tied up the loose ends and gave pretty much all of them happy endings, it gave a logical, internally consistent why it all had a storybook ending even while acknowledging that real life doesn’t work that way.

  7. Quite frankly, I think they kinda….messed up with the pacing enar the end. I remember expecting some kind of epilogue after the credits, though the Clannad announcement worked out pretty well.

    Interesting note: Doesn’t it kinda egg on you that they had to throw in a “Didn’t make it for the college entrance exams, so we have to stay back a year.” For Mai and Sayuri. If memory serves, that didn’t appear in the original script, and the original game skipped striaght to the graduation ceremony after the Midnight killing spree. It just somehow makes me think they are planning some kind of sequel….Or it’s just me thinking too much.

  8. I dont remember anytthing in this version about them failing college entrance exams, I didn’t evne hear it mentioned but I guess I could have just missed it. I don’t think ther would be a sequel, evne if they did stay back it woudln’t leave room for one, just so people didn’t feel bad they wouldn’t be there. Even if they didn’t make the exams, they wouldn’t go back to high school, as they still graduated from that. They would go to a different school if they were sutdying for that exam.

  9. I know. I was thinking something along the lines of moving on to college…..or whatever is the next point in education for Japan. And it was mentioned near the start of the episode. During timestamp 5.10. Of course, it might be me mistaking what they said, but I don’t think so.

  10. Well, in Toei’s version they showed that Sayri and Mai went to France to study abroad, so perhaps thats what they were aluding to about them not going to college in Japan.

  11. Actually, I think that was just Toei’s way of elimating the compeition, because apart from Nayuki, Toei most probaly wasn’t planning on anyone else getting bewteen U1 and Ayu. They had to put the others out of the picture somehow, and they took the easy way out. Just as well, In Toei’s version, Mai didn’t exactly play much of a big role; they took out so much of the reasoning and plot points present in the original that most people probaly thought she was insane or something, unless you played the original game.

    And, no, I checked like about 3 fansubs; all of them said that they didn’t make it in time for the exams. And since the last 15 minutes or so of the episode basically covers about the timespan of a year, Wouldn’t most of the main cast be moving on to colledge now? And I seriously doubt that the France trip was part of the original script; then again, this is comming from a 15 year old teenager who just caught this anime because it was made by Kyoto animation, so take it with a bit of salt.

  12. kanon is my favorite anime.

    i hope they eventually release another re-done version in like 10 years(or less i hope)


  13. Uguu~ indeed…

    A very refined anime with a well-built plot.
    I reckon the remake has better artwork then the old version, as the characters here are more ‘pleasing’ to see.

    yuuichi ayu 4evr

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