Pumpkin Scissors – 23

Alice uses the scent of Orland’s coat to stay focused in the duel, while Section I gets closer and closer to the mansion, threatening to undo all that Alice has done.


Wow, I’m mostly surprised this arc isn’t over with. I looks like by the time that the whole ballroom thing is done that this arc will have taken up a fourth of the whole series. Now, that isn’t THAT much, but still for a non Invisible 9 centered problem, this seems to be going on long then I thought or hoped. I kind of wish they would have just dropped it at this episode. With the dual over and all I could have easily seen this arc coming to a close with some speech by Alice to the commoners how they weren’t here for justice if they still want to kill nobles, or some other stuff. Thing seemed fine but now with Section I coming in it just escalades everything more, and also to a much more important tier as it will inevitably lead to them going against Section II. However, even that isn’t all as that Silver Wheel guy is coming too, which makes things more unpredictable and interesting.

With this episode in general, it has definitely seemed as if they have moved away from any focus on the Invisible. 90. Some of my bad tastes from this show could very well be that I just expected it to be mostly focused on the Invisible 9 and Orland, however from what I’ve seen thus far, and how it seems like this focus will continue for the next and maybe more episodes, it defiantly seems that the majority of this series is focused on war relief. I have always seen that theme there, and it’s been made obvious and all, but it just seems like it is the most prominent, with the Invisible 9 in the background which is the complete opposite of what I thought. I had thought, and hoped (because the Invisible 9 is more interesting) that Orland’s past would be more prominent and focused on, the Invisible 9 and even the corruption it brought up in the army and government would be the main focal point, with war relief always being there but so far, that’s not really how it’s played out. Now, it could very well change. The last couple episodes will likely be solely focused on some Invisible 9, but they could have focused on it a lot more, which I think would have been much better.

One more small thing, Alice kicked ass in this episode. She did an awesome job fighting with the giant two handed thing in previous episodes, kicking major ass there, and again here we see that she is very adept to fighting and just looking cool. Overall I like her character, the spunky part and all (she does get a bit preachy though) but one of the main things is that she always seems to kick ass when in a situation such as this.

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