Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight – 07

Manabi and the Student Council work vigorously to complete their plans for the festival before summer vacation ends, since they promised the students the unveiling of the full plan.


Wow, this episode got much much more serious then I thought this series would even delve in. I thought the small bits of character development would be the main seriousness this show had but I thought that the whole topic of the merger was shocking. It seems pretty serious, as it basically would mean the destruction of everything they’ve worked for thus far. I’m almost a bit surprised with myself at how much this subject made me care about what would happen. For a light hearted anime I was much more into the story of this episode, at least that subject which will be touched on later then I thought I would be. I was not only shocked but almost mad; I was pissed at the superintendent and freaking out asking how they could do that. Although, the good news is that it seems like it will be resolved with a good ending. The show doesn’t seem like the kind that would be able to take a drama hit like the school breaking up. Plus the bit with the other president seemed to be her realizing something and hopefully telling the superintendent to fuck off and leave my Momo and her school alone. I just hope that, even though it will be resolved nicely, that they don’t drag it out and make it a focus for too long because the show is better suited for the comedy, and Momo.

Ok, in case you didn’t realize from my multiple reference to Momo in the above paragraph, I love Momo. And I just have to say about those shots and pictures of her at the beach in a bikini….Oh…..My…..Fucking…..God….. I almost had a heart attack; those were some of the most awesomely awesome shots and scenes ever. They were just so amazingly amazing, it truly fails words. They may not be lolis, as is shown by them being in highs school, their age, and the shots of Momo’s body, but that’s fine with me. They are all still kind of lolis in the mindset, and physically they aren’t THAT much non loli. Anyways, I don’t care how Momo is classified so long as she’s mine. Once again, those fanservice pics of Momo, OMFG, yes.

Aside from Momo, although with her you don’t need anything else, there were several parts of this episode that just had me laughing very hard. There were many little things that made this episode very funny, even amidst the introduction of the drama point of the merger. I loved Mei yelling at the cicada to shut up and it actually stopping making noise. Although, one of the high points of the episode (aside from Momo at the beach shots…ok, I’ll stop, sorry…..) was crazy Manabi. That scene where Manabi and Mei both went crazy was awesome, Manabi punching Mu-chin over and over rambling Massugu Go, and Mei talking like a lunatic about dieing and Mu-chin being a guy was hilarious. I loved the reference Manabi made while crazy to the “small people” or whatever, as that’s what Mikan said was the explanation of work getting done, the little people.

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  1. How come no-one’s mentioned the fact that Momo’s holiday video has a killer whale chomping on a seal in the background? It had me laughing my head off, but there again that’s probably because I’m so twisted……

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