D. Gray-Man – 23

Crowley fights against Eliade even though he still loves her despite finding out that she is an Akuma, while Allen and Lavi try to help admits the chaos of the man eating flowers.


Eh, this episode didn’t really impress me all too much. For the final episode in a longer arc then I thought, I was expecting this episode to be a bit more interesting and exciting, but for the most part it wasn’t It was good that they explained Crowley’s past, the part not dealing with Eliade and all, but as for the actual conclusion of what happened, and the whole emotions of loving someone but killing them didn’t seem to come through as that great. All in all, I felt a bit sorry for Eliade and Crowley’s situation but this episode just seemed to use the same information they gave last episode, which just felt done before and not too terribly interesting. They could have, and probably should have, concluded this episode last episode somehow, because that’s when the emotions were running the highest about their past, and love, and everything like that. If they would have killed off Eliade last episode that would have left this episode for all the past regarding how Crowley became a “vampire” and the whole general cross thing, perhaps even making the episode more informative because they have room for that stuff. I don’t’ know, something just didn’t feel right in this episode, not that interesting.

It also kind of seemed like Allen and Lavi just got in the way, which also would contribute to any distraction the plot between Crowley and Eliade. Their parts seemed just tacked on; all they did was run away from the damn flowers yelling they loved them. It would have been much better if they weren’t there, hell even knocked unconscious to explain why they didn’t help Crowley or something. The part between Crowly and Eliade wasn’t great, by itself, but the Allen and Lavi didn’t help it any for sure.

I’m glad to see that Crowley is included in the series a lot more even after his main arc of introduction. Both he and Miranda were basically people that Allen and whoever met, both with exorcist powers and both whom at the end decided to become exorcists. However, Miranda hasn’t even been referenced outside of her arc, and it seems like from the preview for the next episode that Crowley will be included more, eve as much as staying at the headquarters. So at least he gets one more episode, even if it is fluff. I just hope they continually have him, doesn’t mean he has to always go on missions, but hopefully they don’t just toss him aside and in a corner or something.

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