Shuffle Memories – 09

Nerine’s second half episode, dealing with her clone Lycoris and what happened between the two of them in the past.


Honestly this episode didn’t really seem to drag me into the story again like some of the other episodes did. This episode seemed a bit bland and just not that exciting for a second part to one of the characters, although in part that is due to Nerine not getting much focus in the original series, or at least not that great interesting of one. It’s not this episode or series fault or anything; the other two second halves have been great. I just hope that they manage to make the others a bit more exciting.

Although, Nerine never really did get much attention. I always felt from watching the original series that Nerine got rather left out. She hardly had an arc at all, at least not her own or anything. Kaede and Asa shared an arc A LITTLE, and Kaede and Asa both had their own focus beyond that part. Kaede had a huge drama point to which people refer to her as a verb, such as “So and so when all Kaede in this episode.” Asa won for god’s sake and had a drama filled arc. Even Sia, who was basically in the same place as Nerine got more attention because Rin went out on a date with her, got stranded with her, and spent enough time to the point where townspeople were gossiping they were going to get married. Even Primula had a great arc. Nerine and Primula’s arcs were linked very very close together that it would be fairer to say Primula and Nerine’s arc as a single arc, not tow going on at the same time. Even during this Primula was focused on much much more then Nerine, so despite however cute and hot she may be, Nerine did get kind of left out compared to others.

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  1. I so agree on how this seemed more like a Primula episode than Nerine’s it kinda makes me think if were going to see this stuff again with Primula in her second episode.

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