Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! – 09

Ayako comes over to Mamoru’s house for lunch with his whole family, and after lunch is ruined at first Ayako cooks with Itsumi, talking about Mamoru between the two of them.


I wasn’t too sure about this episode at first. The whole Itsumi relationship had me wondering for the last couple of episodes, so I thought this would just make things more odd or un-resolved, but it turned out rather nice. I’m not too completely adverse to a pseudo imouto getting the guy, like Nemu, but it seems like Itsumi is a biological sister which makes things a bit more odd. Not that anyone besides Ayako has a chance anyways, but it’s still a relationship that may have some weight on how things turn out. However, this episode seemed to be handled really well. It wasn’t so much of a romantic feeling I think, that Itsumi had for Mamoru, but adoration towards her brother. I don’t think it is really jealousy in the same sense that other harem girls get jealous of other girls. Sure I think Itsumi was jealous but just because she found so much adoration in her brother that she wanted to be near him. Like she said it gave her a feeling of ease. I think that’s why she seemed a bit flaky around Ayako previously because it’s like someone taking the person she’s been with her whole life away. So in that since this episode really was more focused on the relationship between Ayako and Itsumi, and focused on Itsumi as we saw she basically accepted and understood Ayako’s relationship with Mamoru.

I’m getting a bit worried that any actual advancement of Ayako and Mamoru’s relationship is going to be slow. They haven’t really gone on a real date, nor have they kissed yet, which is always an important step. For two people who are already going out, not just going out after a series of chasing and such, it seems like it’s slowed down drastically. Hopefully we will see some soon, although I think they are going to have Emelenzia in the story a bit more next, perhaps as more of a regular. That will likely put a pause on things or speed it us as her questioning their relationship and the whole gaining a weakness for love thing may push them further. It will be interesting to see; at least it should do something one way or the other.

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