Kanon Remake – 23

After being rescued by the real Makoto, the fox’s namesake, Yuuichi sets off to fulfill his promise with Ayu and tries to meet with her for a final goodbye.


OMFG! Now, now…I’ve watched the first series twice, once a couple years ago and once a week before this one aired. I’ve read full write ups and scripts of the game, but I’m still just on the edge of my seat, jumping around like a lunatic at this episode and the upcoming end. I honestly don’t’ know how exactly it’s going to go down. The thing that I’m just baffled by is that they have not closed out a Nayuki ending yet. I’m not saying I think it will be, or want it to be a Nayuki ending but they haven’t not made it impossible. She has almost as good of chance as Ayu. With the unknown wish, Nayuki and Yuuichi making up before anything happens with Ayu. In the original series Ayu made her wish for Yuuichi to forget her and disappeared, and then well he didn’t and so on, wont say it here. But he kept going after her. In this version the unknown wish really REALLY throws a wrench into things. I can’t clearly see that will happen, even as for the arcs I don’t know HOW they will play out. I am baffled at myself at how anxious I am for the final episode. Given I know a lot more about this series and what other versions had then it seems a majority of watchers, I am just as much if not more anxious to find out what the hell happens.

I was waiting for the final wish scene for so long. KyoAni did a great job but it’s hard to compare them. That scene in the old series was one of the two most emotional ones in the whole series by far, tied with Shiori making up with Kaori which was also different in this version. In the old version she left after making the wish for Yuuichi to forget her. In this version, basically the wish is made, its emotional, but then pulled back by Ayu staying. It’s interesting, and I think this unknown wish makes the whole series much more unpredictable for me. I love the angle, as it doesn’t throw Nayuki out of the competition, but it made the scene less emotional.

I was just shocked beyond belief when I found out about the real Makoto bit. All along I knew from the old series and what I knew of the game that there was a real Makoto. He explained it that Makoto was an older girl he had a crush on, so he named his fox that. I didn’t think for a minute that they would actually show the real Makoto. I think it’s incredibly cool that they did so. It was something I didn’t expect but it didn’t hinder the plot or anything like that so it was just purely a cool bonus. She wasn’t vitally important, I could have seen Yuuichi’s pass out go a different way with never seeing the real Makoto, its just really cool they put her in there. The similarities like bell, fox stationary, and nikuman were cool but got a little bit unbelievable, as there shouldn’t actually be any connection except namesake, if there was then it wouldn’t be as interesting or good for the story.

The whole music montage bit was amazing. It was beautiful, showcasing not just Ayu but some other characters and just points in the story. I found it a perfect fit, as they hadn’t really done much of these, and instead of showing Yuuichi struggling though the trees or instantly not having to walk though them, I thought this was a great placement. The narration bit at the end is what I loved the most though. The one thing I remember bout the original Kanon’s narration bit was it was at the beginning of every episode and if you thought about them, they were important to the story. It was a great thing in the story, despite how some may view the old anime (I don’t think it was bad just because of animation) the narration bit was nice. This episode used it perfectly, summarizing in a philosophical and underline point of the whole series kind of way. How it’s a repeating dream, emphasizing the point of waiting and keeping a promise, and so on. It was chilling how well it fit.


I still think there is a possibility of a Nayuki ending for a couple of reasons. Yuuichi finds out about Ayu being a live and in a comma when visiting Akiko. He hasn’t visited her much nor as he been to the hospital, so he doesn’t know that. However even without Akiko being better, Yuuichi has reconciled with Nayuki. Before, he reconciled afterwards, almost after Ayu had been found to be alive and came back. With their reconciliation and meeting at the bench, that was a huge push that she isn’t out yet. Second, the unknown wish is something the old series didn’t have, which leads to believe that Ayu could very well have wished for Yuuichi to be with Nayuki. If she doesn’t want him to forget her but still remain happy that could have been a logical wish in Ayu’s mindset.

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  1. “Second, the unknown wish is something the old series didn’t have, which leads to believe that Ayu could very well have wished for Yuuichi to be with Nayuki. If she doesn’t want him to forget her but still remain happy that could have been a logical wish in Ayu’s mindset.”

    Several problems with that theory. First, as far as we know, Ayu isn’t aware that Nayuki is in love with Yuuichi per se, making it illogical for her to wish Yuuichi into a relationship with Nayuki when there are so many other girls still out there – some of whom Yuuichi has exhibited more affection for. A wish of such a nature would imply that it is Nayuki’s happiness that Ayu is wishing for, when in reality it is Yuuichi that she cares for. Why would she wish him with Nayuki when she does not know that Nayuki loves him, and when there are at least two other girls who feature just as prominently in his life (Mai and Shiori)?

    Moreover, if that was Ayu’s wish, it would make for a profoundly unsatisfying and anticlimatic conclusion. The implication would be, after all, that Yuuichi is only trying a relationship with Nayuki because Ayu wanted him to. Their relationship would be a consequence of Ayu’s desire to see Yuuichi happy rather than any genuine romantic affection on Yuuichi’s part; the anime has been most assiduous in its careful removal of the romantic aspect from Nayuki’s path. That’s one of the reasons why people have complained about Nayuki’s story so far – it’s a stripped down version of the original version, divorced from its essence, which was romance. They even cut out the kiss. Shiori, at least, got a kiss on the cheek. Nayuki’s was removed entirely. The reconciliation was the strongest sign yet that she is out of the picture – it was wholly and entirely unromantic, when in the game it was THE romantic scene the couple shared.

    Additionally, it would leave Ayu’s story in itself unresolved. Ayu has to return for her story to close off, for the simple reason that she isn’t dead (and if they decide that she is, a lot of her monologues don’t really make sense); leaving her in a coma isn’t an option because her situation would be left unresolved. She has to wake up in the final episode, and that really denies the possibility of an ending alternate from the original series. For if Ayu wakes up, what does that make of a wish for Yuuichi to be happy without her?

    There’s also the fact that Kanon is a story about miracles – one which has a childishly optimistic outlook on the world in general. Kanon’s view is, and has always been, that miracles are achievable realities if an individual desires them enough, or if he or she is willing to sacrifice something in return. It would seem manifestly peculiar to have Ayu the only girl to be denied her game ‘happy ending’ (for surely, Mai will graduate and Shiori will survive – it has been too long since their stories finished for their unhappy endings to carry any real emotional weight), when she is, to all intents and purposes, the main girl. It’d also make something of Kanon that it was never intended to be – a story about the true love, moving on, letting go, etc, instead of a story about the power of miracles and wishes and dreams.

  2. Woah, lol, I never said that I believed that is what happened or will happen. I’m just giving the only rationale behind a Nayuki ending which as I said above I don’t believe will happen. I agree that the theme of the show and the way things have gone lead themselves to an Ayu ending. That fits not just the ending it seems to b heading to but the whole theme. I’m just playing devils advocate on that theory saying that would be how Nayuki could possibility be justified, even if it wouldn’t be as fitting as an end then Ayu’s would.

    You seemed to kind of rant off on me for saying that, just want to make sure you know that that described Nayuki ending is not what I think will happen nor what I want to happen.

  3. I know – but I don’t really think it’s a sound rationale, hence my post. No offense, but I just didn’t think you played the devil’s advocate that well. It wouldn’t make sense for Ayu to use her last wish to make Yuuichi go for Nayuki (why Nayuki? Why not Shiori/ Mai/ let Yuucihi choose whoever he feels like?), and it’d make for an unsatisfying ending for Ayu and Nayuki fans alike if she did.

  4. Another great series coming to an end……but another good news is coming.

    KyoAni will be animating Clannad, another great game from Key!! About time I’d say.


    Most likely more info would come at March 20th according to the website.

  5. Yeah, I’ll probably do a post about that news later when there is more info. Makes me wonder if they will be doing Air or the fourth game Key made. (Key made four games, one for each season. Air: Summer, Kanon: Winter, Clannad: Spring)

  6. Actually, Key officially only made 3 big games; not including Planetarium, because that isn’t a game, and Tomoyo after, because it’s basically made to meet the demands of all the fans screaming “Where did the pr0n go?” One: the eternal promise didn’t take place in autumn, or so I’ve been led to belive, and and even if it did, it didn’t exactly have the same fame as Kanon and it’s subsequent works. Unless you are one of those Die hard fans, most of us probaly won’t even know what it is.

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