Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight – 06

Mika reminisces about how she met Mu-chin, detailing how they met and spent their time up until Mika was left alone in the student council.


This episode was surprisingly focused yet again on two characters. Overall I’m surprised that this series has been focusing so much on the side characters so early and so close together. The past couple of episodes have really focused solely on one character or one character’s past with another. Last we got some Mei and Mei and Mikan, Mei and Mu-chin, and now we get Mei and Mu-chin. Mu-chin seems to be connected to literally everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if when they get around to focusing on Momo that Mu-chin was the one who approached or befriended her, as she seems to be everyone’s connection, which is surprising for a show so seemingly focused on the antics of Manabi. Not that all of this is bad, I’m just surprised that in the past three or so episodes Manabi has hardly been featured at all. I was expecting much more of a focus on things Manabi made the student council do. Overall though, it seems like it’s a good surprise. It means that this show will have a bit more meat to it; it is already something above just friends hanging out, while not loosing that aspect either. I just hope they keep a balance between character development like this and some of the things it stared as such as Manabi inspiring and dragging people around for various things.

I still think they need more Momo. Despite her being in only about four seconds of alone time, not including her just being in the crowed with other girls, she was still very funny. I loved how she was just laying back looking up, and starting her test without looking. It’s just the small things that make her so enjoyable. However, its reaching a point where I want her to be included more just because, she hasn’t been so far. It’s not so much me liking her so wanting her to have screen time but she is drastically being included far less then anyone. It may be because she is a silly character who doesn’t fit with the whole drama or having a serious background, but they should still include her more. Hell, they’ve hardly even mentioned her name that much, if I didn’t fall in love with her at first sight and put a bit of effort into finding her name I probably wouldn’t know just because they don’t sue it much in the show.

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