D. Gray-Man – 22

The truth about Eliade is revealed to everyone, causing her past about how she met Crowley and came to live with him to be revealed.


Well, this was an interesting episode at least. I thought they did a good job of making the past of Alastor and Eliade not just informative and all, but interesting. I actually started to care a bit for Eliade’s predicament and the relationship that her and Crowley had together. All in all though I didn’t think it would end the way it did in this episode. I had thought that after they found out the truth about Eliade that Crowly would say something about he loved her so doesn’t want to cause her pain, and then try and sacrifice himself so Eliade can have her wish. Even before that I didn’t think that Eliade would go all Akuma and try and kill him. Even though she was an Akuma I was hoping that she would have enough free will that she would choose to stay with him or at least try and do so. Next episode will hopefully end this arc. Not that it’s to interesting, in fact asides from the bit with Road and learning about the whole Noah’s family thing, the Crowly arc has been one of the most interesting ones so far. I’m just surprised it’s taking this long to get over with. I would be quite surprised if it went past next episode, as it seems form the preview at least and the pace and everything that it will be over. Crowley will probably turn up like Miranda, become an exorcist or attempt to be one, not be a regular but have a chance of appearing again later.

I thought it was cool and all for Allen’s eye and the curse that Mana put there to evolve and all, but realistically it seemed like it isn’t that useful. It looks cool, and all, and sure in this episode in this particular unique situation it served a point because it allowed for Crowley to see the Akuma soul, telling him that Eliade was an Akuma, but realistically the ability to make those around him see the souls isn’t THAT useful. It has its uses, even outside a unique situation like this, but the first thing that struck me was that the ability for others to see wasn’t hat great. The logical assumption would be that only when people are around him do they get that power, and in that case why would they need it? He’s got it covered; they don’t need multiple people right next to each other to see, Allen can just point them out. At least in the midst of a normal arc there was some advancement towards an overall setting such as the curse that Mana put on Allen and what the deal with the Akuma skull/spirit inside of him. I don’t’ expect them to actually elaborate on this much further anytime soon as it seems something that will be saved for the main climax.

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