Pumpkin Scissors – 22

Alice stands up for what she believes in, in order to stop the rioters from acting up and justify her actions to everyone.


One of the most interesting parts of this episode was the resolve that Alice seemed to admit. The whole thing about her being a noble so she has to be isolated was really interesting. I’m not sure if it refers to anything romantic that could possibly be brewing or just the fact that in her life she hast ob e isolated, but it was really neat to see Orland say how she’s not a noble to him, she’s a LT so she doesn’t have to be alone. Although nothing huge, they didn’t focus on this for the whole episode, it was a neat and important bit of character advancement I think. It shows that even though Alice is very strong and courageous, that she suffers a bit because of who she is and what she thinks to do. This episode didn’t have much in the ways of plot, much less then I thought. I thought this whole ballroom thing would be over sooner, but this episode did have some great character advancement. It wasn’t just that Alice had said that she has to be isolated because she is a noble, there was also a pretty big character advancement about not taking sides, that she doesn’t care if they are a noble or a commoner, she treats them equally.

Finally they made Orled kick some ass in this episode. Like I said before he seemed like such a weak little pansy in the last episode, running and crying a lot just because he was chased by someone. Although they did do a much better job in this episode explaining why he was acting like such a freaking baby. It was a bit interesting to hear about the whole “him leaning on Alice” and that if his only skill was killing then so be it. That was kind of cool but then he kind of got out of the mindset and went into some touching stuff which didn’t fit it so much. Its interesting that they would have drama about what Orland thinks eh can do, but they didn’t’ do the best job of it here.

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