Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – 13

Riku tries to deal with all the stress of the School Festival preparations, seeing that Sayuri is overwhelmed as well he tries to help.


This episode had a lot of potential that it didn’t seem to quite reach. I loved that they showed another side of Sayuri. She had always been my least favorite of the three girls because she didn’t really show any personality. They just kept portraying her as this perfect goddess with no faults.  They didn’t show her as anything more then basically a doll with any real personality. It was nice to finally see her erupt like she did in this episode, to show that she actually had some individuality. However, it didn’t last long. After she ran off there wasn’t even some drama sequence with Riku found her. They just apologized and everything was fine. Not crying about how she is overwhelmed or she’s pretending to be someone that she isn’t, that she doe have faults but can’t show them or any of that stuff that would have made thins more interesting. Its good to see them taking a step in the right direction with her character, I just wish they’d take more then two steps that way before going back to normal.

I still hope, but don’t expect, Riku will end up with a girl besides Sayuri. I really don’t care if it’s Mina or Tsukasa, as long as it’s not Sayuri. It’s not so much because I dislike Sayuri. I don’t really dislike her at all; I just think it’s more interesting of the guy to end up with the non main girl. Tsukasa and Mina are great characters but they don’t have much of a chance because of the way these shows usually go. If the show goes to one of them not only will there character be advanced upon further, it will make it much more interesting because as a show it will be much less like the norm.

It seems like next episode there will be a new character, girl, who will obviously have a thing for Riku. She seems to be that girl the guys were looking at in the magazine, which didn’t seem like it was an upstanding magazine. So some model high school girl comes to their school. Should be interesting, at least it will make things a bit less mundane. They seem to have been going around in circles with nothing really. They have plenty of chances to stop that by going into some character advancement, yet they aren’t so maybe this will spur some jealousy feeling or something.

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