Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – 09

Kyoshiro’s brother returns and reveals what his plans were for the Absolute Angels, revealing he is not who Kyoshiro remembered him as.


Wow, this episode was very big. It is likely the biggest episode yet, although some important things have happened before this episode seemed to be non stop plot advancement and surprises. It’s really interesting to see how much this show has changed. At first it just seemed I was watching it for how strange it was. It was funny in places that it wouldn’t seem to be, the way she narrated things like how she was taking a bath was funny, and it seemed odd the things that are happening. However, even though some of that stuff is still there I’m more or less watching it because it has turned out to be a unique and fairly interesting plot. At first, half way though the episode, I had guessed that Kyoshiro would go around and get Kaon and Batraz to help take back Kuu or something, but now that Mika is dead, Kaon and Setsuna taken, I’m really not sure what’s going to happen. It seems Batraz is the only untouched angel, and I’m likely missing something because I don’t remember what the hell happened to her after she bashed into Mika’s palace a while back.

I’m still a bit confused on what exactly happened regarding Kuu and the other blond haired angel. I understand that basically they used to be one, Kuu’s body was one of the angels and when the huge explosions happened Kuu split in two, her body became Kuu and her spirit and power was basically the other girl. Now, I would have understood if they fused or something, and became one who had the power of turning into the mecha and all, but after the huge flash and Kuu turned into a mecha she returned to her body and the other one was still there. Its like they didn’t fuse at all, she still seemed to have some weird power and ability so I don’t know that they actually became one like they talked about.

I seem to be saying this a lot, but I love Setsuna’s character so amazingly much. This episode added even more to it. I really think that she is by far the most interesting character. The other ones are nice, and have a bigger impact to the plot, but her character is more complex then any of the other ones seem to be. I loved Meganjord or whatever, blond girl’s, explanation of really everything that drives her. She said how Setsuna has always given everything for Kyoshiro, all of it just for time to spend with Kyoshiro however the time wielded nothing for her. The whole Setsuna of Autumn was a cool metaphor, and it seems that all of the characters fit a season.

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