Kanon Remake – 22

After hearing about what happened to Akiko, Yuuichi and Nayuki head to the hospital, Nayuki blaming herself while Yuuichi tries desperately to talk to her about it all.


This episode was definitely interesting. It had quite a different feel to it then many of the other episodes had. There was absolutely no humor really at all to this episode, which fit and I’m glad they didn’t have it. Not just the whole angst and drama over what happened to Akiko; Yuuichi also remembers what happened to Ayu. In that, I was quite surprised. Not about what happened to her, but that they had a focus on both of them. I thought it was so interesting what was happening to Nayuki. Her story and drama, the emotions she was feeling were great. However even with this huge major event which is what builds her emotions for her arc almost entirely, she wasn’t even the main focus. Sure she was a focus, but she shared it with Ayu who had many other episodes. Again, I’m not saying that I don’t like Ayu or Nayuki, I just think Nayuki should have gotten some more of her own time, just her. I just hope they continue to focus on her for the end of her arc or it will be a shame. Ayu is interesting and all, but Nayuki can be too if they give her a bit more of a chance.

Holy shit, the whole thing with Makoto’s ghost surprised the hell out of me. When I saw Yuuichi pass out I was thinking that maybe he would see Ayu’s spirit and then it would go all cliffhanger after that. I didn’t expect Makoto at all. It was really neat and cool that Yuuichi still had her bells in his drawer, and he even mentioned Makoto when he was wondering if she would have brightened stuff up, but I was not expecting at all for her to appear. I seriously yelled out loud “What!?” then as she continued to be in the scene, even seemingly touching and holding onto Yuuichi I kept having to scream in surprise “What the F*ck!?” Although very surprising, it was really cool that they still included her. I don’t want there to come back, not that I don’t like her I just think that her sacrifice and whole arc will be very belittled if she comes back to life, but its cool they are still including her like this.

Nayuki’s talk about miracles rally had me quite surprised. They mentioned it about Akiko which still makes me think that there could be a small chance that the doll will be used for her. I didn’t really think that was a possibility, technically the option was there but it seemed for fitting to go with Ayu. Even now Ayu is the fore runner because in midst of this Nayuki angst Ayu was featured still. However it seemed a bit odd for Nayuki to speak of miracles and implying that’s all that can save her mom. I really don’t think they’d kill off Akiko, and with also not really thinking they will go with a Nayuki arc, she’s likely to get better on her own.

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