D. Gray-Man – 21

Allen and Lavi fight Crowley while trying to talk to him after discovering that his victims have all been Akuma, leading them to believe Crowley could be an exorcist.


Whoa, this episode had a HUGE actual plot advancement. I wasn’t expecting anything real plot wise to come out of this episode at all. I thought either this would be the end, or next episode would, of this arc that is, and that’s all. Noah’s family seemed to be the only thing really connected to the main story. For most of the episode this seemed to be rather tame in itself too. Lavi’s fight was cool and all, but it seemed to drag on leading to nothing. The whole thing with Allen’s eye was just…wow, unexpected and really huge for the story. At first, I thought even his encounter with Eliade wasn’t going to be much. It was cool that the arm acted on its own and all, and it looked like it might be the start of something like the arm being an entity of its own. They took it a step further to show that he’s got like an Akuma in him of Mana. When his eye started to go all crazy I was just stunned. It’s not even that I wasn’t expecting this so soon, I wasn’t expecting him to basically have his Akuma dad (not birth dad though) in his head. I thought the “curse’ was just that, but really a blessing so he could see Akuma. I didn’t expect that it was actually like some vessel for him to be in or something.

I don’t know how much more we are going to see of the Akuma head in Allen right now, but it certainly leaves the door open and has gotten the path started towards something that seems like it could be the final arc and point of interest of the story. His eye also turned into some kind of lens gear thing. I don’t’ think that will be permanent because his eye looked normal except for what may be just a tattoo that normal people see it as. However if the gear eye thing proves to do something more then his normal one does I think it would be cool to see it activated at certain times, or at Allen’s command. It would make this incident more prominent throughout the story not just waiting till the end or whenever.

I liked Lavi’s weapon a lot in this episode. Although they had already shown him using it quite a lot before, and they already showed him doing the seal thing, it still seemed cooler in this episode because of how much he used it. It was more then just a hammer, he used it a lot to shoot off of things. It may have been because Lavi actually got a fight scene of his own, which I liked as well. With all of the things he can do with moving the hammer, hitting and using it as a means of travel, Lavi as a character was really cool. It’s too bad they don’t show Kanda more, or even Lenalee. Lenalee’s weapon is already cooler and it would be better if they showed it doing more then just allowing her to jump on people. Kanda, I wish they’d show some more skills and powers like the bug thing. As far as side characters go, Lavi seems to be focused on the most.

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