Shuffle Memories – 08

Asa’s second segment, dealing with Rin’s struggle to save Asa’s life due to her unique background and heritage.


This episode was amazing. So far it has been my favorite. Primula may be my favorite character just because I think she is cute and like her shy but actually active personality sometimes, but Asa is a close second in terms of character, and her arc is number one. This episode showed amazingly why I love her arc so much. It’s just so serious and has such an emotional impact. The others it’s like Rin helps them get over something like they are sad about their past, either that or he just tries to tell them everything will be ok. Asa’s is amazing, likely because he ends up with her. Otherwise the arc would have gone differently and maybe not as interesting. Asa’s arc is so much more in depth and groundbreaking then the others. Her life is in actual danger; her relationship with Rin impacts all of this greatly. Not jut her life being in danger, behind that there is the trauma from her past about if she is a human or not. Technically she isn’t one but she tries to live to the point of being solely a human that she is willing to die for it. Not that she hates demons but she saw how much pain it caused her mother that she tries to make up for it. It really is an excellent example and it is one of my favorite arcs of all time because of the amount of impact it has.

Paired with the great scene and general Arc that Asa has, one of my favorite things about the arc is the scene they last showed where Rin slits his wrist to save Asa. That is probably why I like the arc so much, that one scene is one of the most incredible and emotional scenes in several anime I’ve watched. Rin was already set apart a bit from the typical harem male lead, he wasn’t that spineless or anything like that. This scene however puts him at the top. Its one of the best displays of doing whatever for the one he loves. It wasn’t guaranteed that she would do anything, or if she could that it would work. He didn’t’ care, he wanted to save her so badly that he risked his own death in a very real way. It’s not like jumping into battle to fight an enemy that has the love interest captured, this is something on a totally other real level. It really defines his character and is a scene that really makes this series and arc something spectacular.

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  1. I also like Asa’s arc a lot more than the others girls’. Although there was nothing new in this episode, it was a real pleasure to see that story again.

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