Hidamari Sketch – 03

After a day at school, Yuno and her friends all hang out together and talk as it rains outside, preventing them from doing much outdoors.


It’s still a bit surprising that for a show that doesn’t have much happening, with almost no actual plot or even any real life slice of life events happening, that a show could be so interesting and fun to watch. They did practically nothing in this episode except talk around the table while it was raining, and before that the small period of time they were drawing a picture, in an art school. Nothing interesting or innovative, yet it still seemed to just be so charming and fun to watch. One of the reason I love this show so much is just that, it takes the simplest things that are really nothing and makes them fun and interesting to watch. As the show goes on I can’t see me ever not liking this show. I just wish there were more like it and I’m sure they would have the same success.

Miya still seems like she is the cause of most of the comedy in this series. Which so far isn’t bad, the comedy bits are what makes this show so incredibly charming, which as I’ve said before is one of the best things about this show. Its charming the hell out of me, I’ve fallen in love with the show already. I just wish they’d give a little less attention to Miya and develop the other characters. Especially early on it seems like Sae and the other girl that’s not Yuno, (see, they don’t include her enough for me to remember her name without looking it up, and I’m lazy) aren’t getting enough time. They are pretty interesting charactes, the running bit about the one girl being fat is funny and they have a nice personality. They are older and act more mature, but can still be childish and question things that pose humor. In other words, they are good characters but need to be shown more.

Yosinoya is continually being my favorite character. This episode she just shined in many…many ways. I really hope they include her a lot throughout the episodes. Not just because she is hot. Yes, that is one of the main reasons I love her a lot, she is extremely hot and the scenes with her in this episode were great. However, she is also a very fun character. Although a teacher she is even more childish then Yuno at times it seems. It’s a neat contrast to the four main characters to have her show her various antics. So asides from being hot and a funny and interesting character, she really does add a lot to the show and if they include her even more I think it will be even better.

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