Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – 08

After Kyoshiro leaves the house because of Kuu’s actions, she goes away as well, causing Kyoshiro to worry about her and look for her before something happens.


Woah….that episode was very…unexpected. First off this episode brought a lot of character and relationship advancement. Not just with Setsuna and her feelings, but there was a huge thing going on between Kyoshiro and Kuu. Even though nothing happened due to Kuu stripping down in front of Kyoshiro, at the end they still ended up confessing their feelings for each other. That was pretty big not just because of the relationship part of it, but it basically dealt with Kyoshiro’s mindset of killing all the Absolute Angels. With Kuu in the picture as she is now he basically changed the way the though since the beginning of the show. All of this plus the fact that there was one of the biggest wtf moments in all of the show. Kyoshiro’s brother coming back was just something I didn’t even begin to suspect. I had thought it was just going to be some angel vs. angel thing but now things are much more interesting. I mean, it can still be that but with Kazuya’s presence it makes things have a much….odder perspective. It’s just weird, I can’t really guess what this will bring, but it is certain to make things more interesting.

Setsuna’s part in this episode was huge. I have always said that she is one of the most interesting characters in the series, because of all she has been through and there relationship with Kyoshiro, she has one of the most interesting situations, if not necessarily her personality. But in this episode we got a huge explosion of emotions and character advancement from her. Who knows what the hell would have happened if they weren’t interrupted by Kyoshiro’s brother and the other absolute angel.  She seemed just devastated and I was almost expecting her to become evil or something. She obviously has feelings for Kyoshiro but never did anything about it because she always viewed herself as a servant and absolute angel. Her character and her situation just fascinates me and this episode was a huge contribution to that.

Kaon’s story is still one of the best, but these recent events into Kuu’s story will definitely shake some things up. I just hope that she doesn’t die, or if she does that they give her closure. She doesn’t seem bad at all and the relationship with Himeko makes things much more interesting. I thought it was even neater that they showed Mika’s mark disappeared from her, so supposedly she is back to normal. The only thing making her do bad stuff was really that mark so now perhaps we will see a rebellion and she’ll join the good guys or something. Either way, I just hope they don’t neglect her too much.

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