Hidamari Sketch – 02

The girls all spend the day making a new nameplate for the apartments, hanging out together and then later in the day going to the summer festival together.


This show is a bit hard to describe. So far I love it, but it’s not really for the reason that a normal show is judged. It isn’t outrageously funny all the time, and the characters aren’t that entertaining and in depth. Not like some other shows that follow this theme. For a slice of life show the drama is a bland and not really there. However there is something about this show that makes it enjoyable. It just seems to have charm. Its fun to watch all the little moments are just funny and cute and relaxing. It does have some great humor there, I loved this episode all of the fat jokes Miya made like the floor is slanted because she is sitting there and so on. But it was mostly the character chemistry that made this show replacing and fun to watch.

Miya seems to be one of the more entertaining characters. Perhaps not the most interesting or best, not my favorite or anything, but it seems that because of her personality and liveliness that things get more interesting in the show. Sure the show has the aforementioned charm throughout but it seems that Miya is the one that escalades things to the point where there can be more humor or plot. I just hope she doesn’t continue to be a dominant character such as she is. I don’t have any real problem with her; it’s just that I’d like to see some more form the others.

One quick side note, Yoshinoya is HOT. She was my favorite character from the first episode just because she seemed like a fun character, childlike and playful while being an adult. And this episode doesn’t do anything to hurt her ranking :D

2 thoughts on “Hidamari Sketch – 02”

  1. Those screenshots look really wacky. I think I’m going to give this anime a try. How much would you currently give it out of 10?

  2. I would probably give it an 8.5/10. Its not perfect or something super knockout but its extremely fun and just charming and relaxing to watch.

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