D. Gray-Man – 20

Allen and Lavi face off against the vampire that has been terrorizing the town and after he flees, investigate his castle.


This episode certainly makes things even more complicated. I’m surprised at how in depth this arc is going. I thought it would be over quickly but the Akuma thing makes things much more interesting. I’m not sure exactly what’s up though, if Crowly is a Vampire, if he is targeting Akuma, or if there is something up with Eliade. It’s interesting that they are combing the Akuma thing with other supernatural things. Although it seems a bit convenient for Allen to loose his Akuma site just when its an unsure situation on whether something is an Akuma or not. General Cross makes things more interesting. Not so much his presence in the series, as that’s already been established as odd and interesting. But for that particular situation it’s what he did when he was there and why eh couldn’t have done whatever it is he left for Allen.

I still think there has to be something up with Eliade. I’m not really sure what though, she seems suspicious in many ways. It’s too obvious for Crowly to be the main bad guy and for her to just be an assistant. It’s almost like Crowly is a vampire because of linage it seemed and she is controlling him or using him. She seemed pretty suspicious when she was watching Allen and Lavi searching around in that Akuma graveyard. Whatever is up with her, they’ve done a good job of mixing it up. I figure there is something up with her but I’m not really sure, they did a wonderful job of making her interesting.

On the other hand Crowly is becoming interesting too. I didn’t quite expect him to be a kind of vampire tsundere, acting all vicious and mean at one time and then crying about being a vampire and killing someone the other. It makes me think that there is much more to his situation then it seems. I’m also curious as to what those pictures in the preview meant. They seemed to be people who looked like Crowly, but perhaps not. Like his ancestors which brings in the possibility of being a vampire by lineage.

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